Energy Clearing Objects

Energy clearing objects. Is this something you've considered? If not, this post is for you. And even if you have, this post may be for you.Energy Clearing Objects: Why It's a Great Idea ~ Intuitive Ellen

Why Energy Clearing Objects

Energy clearing objects and furniture before we use them is no different than cleaning grapes before we eat them. Think about that, for a moment.If you've ever purchased grapes at a grocery store, they likely have an unappetizing film covering their colorful goodness. That film is comprised of pesticides and who knows what else.No one wants to consume that. Right?When I get grapes from the grocery store, they go into a bath of water, white vinegar, baking soda, and a couple drops of Young Living's Thieves essential-oil blend. (If you don't have Thieves, lemon essential oil will work.)They soak for a while, and then I gently massage them until the film is off the fruit and in (and on top of) the now-cloudy water.  After that, I rinse them thoroughly and transfer them to a colander to drain.The ick is removed and the grapes display their natural vibrant color. Now, they're ready to consume.Energy clearing objects serves a similar purpose, minus the consuming part.

Example: Energy Clearing Divination Card Decks

This is a practice I began in earnest back in December of 2016. I hadn't given it much thought until a colleague mentioned it, and a major "aha" moment arose around it.The practice is different for each new deck that comes into my possession.

♠ Sometimes, guidance involves placing a black tourmaline and a quartz wand on top of a deck for a couple or a few hours.♠ Other times, guidance may suggest placing a different and even a greater combination of crystals on top of a deck.♠ Still other times, guidance might urge the extra measure of lighting sage or palo santo, or using my pendulum.

With a deck I recently received, the clearing required black tourmaline, snowy quartz, a quartz wand and light jade. It was a hands off the deck for about 28 hours clearing.Before clearing that particular deck, I actually experienced sensations of physical illness when I held it in my hands. That was a first.

Why and How Energy Accumulates

Consider that most mass-produced decks - and even some independently-produced decks - are printed in a country overseas (usually China). At that location, they're handled by many different people who are dealing with who-knows-what in their lives.Then, there's the energy of the location itself. If it isn't a pleasant working environment, you can bet the energy of the space will be highly charged in an unpleasant way.After that, there are the people and places and conveyances the card decks go through on their way to worldwide distribution sites.And then, there are the people and places the card decks go through at those distribution sites, plus whoever and however they get to consumers.That's a whole lot of people and places, which means that's a whole lot of energy asserting itself onto those card decks.To work with the decks with clarity and integrity, they first require clearing of all that extraneous people-and-places energy.Energy clearing does that.

Beyond Grapes and Card Decks

Transfer that "why and how" to any object you bring into your house or business. Consider everything from furniture to paper clips. Seriously.A friend had a bunch of costume jewelry acquired from a family member. It was contained in a small box. The feeling of that jewelry was repulsive, even though the jewelry itself was tasteful.She saged it and then took it to a pawn shop. Even with the saging, the pawn shop owner hesitated to touch the box because of what he was feeling.It may seem crazy, and yet...

Questions to Consider

Where have those antique earrings or that antique hutch you admire at a flea market or antique store been?Who's worn those earrings, and where? Who made them? Who may have gifted them?Whose home - or homes - was that hutch used in? What was the atmosphere there? What was kept in it? Who made it?Consider similar questions for brand-spanking new jewelry, clothing, furniture, dishware. Anything and everything, really.

♠ Who made them?♠ Where were they made?♠ What were the conditions like?♠ What were the physical and mental states of the creators, assemblers, packagers, shippers, etc.?

Even knowing all the answers, that cumulative energy may not be healthy for you or your loved ones or your space.What needs clearing in your space?

♠ Is there a room you've felt uncomfortable in since bringing an object or piece of furniture home?♠ What about that beautiful necklace that leaves you feeling smothered or nauseous when it's worn?♠ How about the antique (or new) painting hanging on a wall that feels inexplicably heavy or tense when you study it?♠ Might there be an energetic reason for these responses?

You can use this helpful and healthful practice for growing and strengthening your intuitive and energy healing abilities.Taking the time to clear them creates neutrality for your energy, and for the energy of your loved ones and your own sacred space.Pay close attention to what the things in your life make you feel.If those feelings cause discomfort or disharmony or unease, take measures to clear the things that need it. You and your loved ones, and your home or office, will benefit.Blessings be.

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