Energizing the Feminine

In this week's guidance, it was said, "We offer to you this opportunity to be in energizing the feminine to assist with the unraveling of the masculine. In this way, we see the ego will calm and the spirit will rise and the Earth will heal."That's a hopeful statement. The question is, How do we get there from here? How do we "be in energizing the feminine"?

Energizing the Feminine

"We see by energizing the feminine we wish for you to be in practicing and promoting the feminine ideals of the heart and spirit. We see the heart and spirit are the yin to the yang which is the brain and ego."

That's being clearer. The defining of the heart and spirit as the yin energy and the brain and ego as the yang energy makes sense. Yin energy is reflected in being over doing and yang energy is reflected in doing over being.When we consider the heart and spirit from that perspective, we can see that being in the heart - being in a state of love - and being in the spirit - being in a state of grace, peace - contributes to cooling and soothing the hot-headedness of the brain and ego.We have the power to heal Earth through our focused and loving intentions.

Doing the (Non) Work

How do we translate that being-ness into a doing-ness which powers the feminine to heal?I'm shown women sitting in what appears to be meditation, and yet I'm shown cloud-like structures growing above each woman which contain images. The images are all of Earth from various perspectives. I see...

☀️ an ocean saturated with light☀️ a city drenched in light☀️ a forest illuminated with light☀️ crowds of people bathed in light☀️ Earth herself glowing with light

These are intentions for healing as beautiful visions. These are women who are Reiki practitioners and lightworkers and Earth angels and activists who are taking time to put Earth into their healing practice.This is energy work. This is energizing the feminine.Imagine what might happen if all women took five minutes out of their day, every day, to visualize the healing of our Earth in such a way.This is completely doable. This is completely possible.We have the power to heal Earth through our focused and loving intentions.It turned 11:11 as I typed that last sentence. It bears repeating:

We have the power to heal Earth through our focused and loving intentions.

Let's focus. And love.

Energy for the Month of November

Energy for the Month of November

Guidance for the Week of October 17, 2016