It's Time For a Coming-Out Party

I feel it so strongly, I ache with it. It isn't a painful ache. It's an I-can't-keep-it-to-myself-anymore ache. It's an if-I don't-speak-my-truth-I'll-shatter-into-a-million-pieces ache.

Maybe it's an ache you're familiar with.

There's More to Us Than This

We're Kara Danverses and Clark Kents, going about our lives as your average women and men, and yet harboring a secret. It's a secret that seems to set us apart, and yet has the potential to bring everyone - the entire world - together.

It's a secret, in fact, that has the potential to save the world.

We Hide For Fear of Being Different or Misunderstood

We hide our true identities for fear of persecution, or ridicule.

We've seen glints of that very thing.

It's come from our own family and friends when we've dared to peek out from behind the fit-in masks we've learned to wear so well.

Imagine: If our nearest and dearest react in that way, how might acquaintances and strangers react?

We Want to Come Out of Hiding

We want, more than almost anything, to be able say, "Hi, I'm Kara Danvers, and I'm Supergirl," or "Hi, I'm Clark Kent, and I'm Superman."

We imagine how that might be. We dream that it could be so. We want it, because hiding depletes our energy and dims our light; our essence.

And we want it, because we know Earth needs us desperately; needs us unhindered by our masks.

We Don't Know If We Have the Strength

As much as owning our true selves will lift a weight from our shoulders, and empower us to "live out loud," there exists a possibility that another, greater weight will take its place.

It could be the weight of expectation. It could be the burden of responsibility.

Are we strong enough to carry it? Are we strong enough to do what we're here to do?

We Don't Know If We Have the Support

We know there'll be naysayers and critics and other antagonists. (It's the easier tact to take, after all.)

Will there be cheerleaders and hand-holders and hug-givers? Is it possible to go it alone without some form of support?

They're valid questions, and yet...

We Need to Come Out Anyway

Even without knowing that we'll have just one person on our team who believes in us, the masks have to come off anyway. The alternative - the result of the alternative - is no longer an option.

Earth Angels | Ellen M. Gregg, Intuitive

The time has come. We're on the brink.

We need to take the kind of breath that's self-supporting. We need to decide that, as one, we are enough.

We need to remember that even without human supporters, we aren't alone; we are supported.

We need to remember that there are others here for similar intents and purposes.

And then...

We Need to Fully Represent Who We Are, and Come Out of the Closet

No more waiting. No more hiding. I'll start. Let me introduce myself:

Hi. I'm Ellen Gregg, and I'm an Earth angel.

I agreed, per my soul contract, to incarnate in order to raise Earth's vibration, and restore balance... and peace.

I agreed to leave Earth in a far better state when I finally transition from human form for the last time.

I committed to help and support other Earth angels to step up and fulfill their missions.

Whew. Is it your turn?

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