Earth Angels and Lightworkers: Similar and Different

Earth Angels and Lightworkers: Similar and Different

For several years, I identified as a lightworker. I still do. It's just that my work as an Earth angel takes precedence now, and will do for the duration. (That is, for the remainder of my life.)

Even though Earth angels weren't on my radar until more recently, it's possible that even if they had been, I wouldn't have identified a difference between an Earth angel and a lightworker, and their purpose.

They're similar in more than a general sense, and yet they're also quite different.

Earth Angels and Lightworkers: Similar and Different

Earth Angels and Lightworkers: Similar and Different

Earth Angels

Earth angels are just what they sound like: angels on Earth. They choose to incarnate as humans in order to help raise the vibration of both humans and Earth.

That they choose to incarnate is huge all on its own, because that incarnation comes with a big caveat: They'll have no conscious memory of having been an angel, and no conscious memory of all the abilities that go along with it.

Yikes, right?

Earth angels can gain awareness of their abilities, provided they align with their spirit's calling and wisdom. If they don't - if they instead align with the human ego over the divine spirit - an Earth angel could as easily be an Al Capone as a Mother Theresa.

Yikes, again.

Angels are invited to incarnate up to three times. (The power of three exemplified, again.) After that, it's back to all angel, all the time. In that angelic capacity, we find guardian angels and guides for humans.

Earth angels either have from birth or discover over time an acute awareness of Earth's well-being.

Whether through personal sustainability practices and/or advocacy or activism, they are deeply concerned with the health and longevity of the planet. That concern will be equal to that for humankind's ever-rising vibration, and for peace.

My guides tell me this is my third incarnation as an Earth angel, so this is "it" for me.

True confession: My last incarnation, which took place between the 1930s and 1950s, was more Capone than Theresa. I hurt a lot of people; destroyed many families.

And I paid the price for those choices and actions in a very eye-for-an-eye way in that lifetime and was dead before the age of 30.

It can happen. Free will - aka ego - is a real-deal thing with real-deal consequences. Needless to say, I'm grateful to be aligned with my spirit during this current incarnation.


Lightworkers are very much what they sound like, too: those who work with (and in) the light. They are souls who are highly evolved and are on track to become angels and, yes, possibly Earth angels.

Which is to say, all Earth angels began their work as lightworkers.

Similar to Earth angels, they have no conscious memory of the abilities available to them. Happily, they also have the capacity to raise their awareness of those abilities over the course of their human incarnation.

The purpose of their incarnation revolves around raising the vibration of humankind and, through that action, of Earth.

Unlike Earth angels, lightworkers won't find themselves as heavily invested in the planet Earth's wellbeing, because their focus is mainly intended for the peace of their fellow humans.

And, yes, the same choices - free will; ego - apply to lightworkers.

Joining Forces

Ultimately, Earth angels and lightworkers are here to support the spiritual evolution of humankind. Their focuses may be different, and yet they - we - want two basic things for all:

  • high (good!) vibrations

  • peace

It's just that with Earth angels, the added need is to bring Earth healing.

Make sense?

Over to Your Cloud

Which do you identify with most strongly: Earth angel or lightworker?

If you're newly identified: What's your what-next question? Feel free to share your question and/or identification in comments, or you can contact me privately.

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