Does Reiki Heal?

The inspiration for today's exploration came from a Pinterest comment on a post I wrote over a year ago.

The commenter, Justin M., wrote:

"Any suggestions for books on this topic? I am currently struggling with the idea of associating Reiki with the word healing. I would love to know more about the practice of healing energy and how it is different than Reiki. At times I feel Reiki as being more meditative than actual healing. Thought or suggestions? Thank you namaste. :-)"

My response, both several days ago when he posted the comment, and now as I write this post, is, "That's very insightful."

You can see the pin and brief conversation here.

Does Reiki Heal? A channeled Q & A. ~ Intuitive Ellen

Justin's insight led me to a fascinating Q & A with Spirit. I chose to start with Reiki, since that was the first topic he touched on. Next week, I'll address - on my own, based on what I've learned over the past year, plus - the "healing energy" topic.

My questions are in bold type. Plain text is used for the channeled answers as I recorded them. Text in {brackets} is my feedback.

Is Reiki healing?

Yes. Its healing is a method of attaining peace through the placement of hands in a therapeutic fashion. The energy of Reiki requires ease from the practitioner and offers ease to the receiver.

How is the attainment of peace healing?

Peace ushers the physical body into a state of self-compassion which enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

{I understand this, even as I meditate on it to understand it better.}

Is Reiki a meditation?

Reiki creates a meditative state through which the nervous system is put to rest and the healing mechanisms intrinsic to the human body open.

{Something else to meditate on.}

Is Reiki an energy?

Yes. We notice that of course all is energy and so then Reiki must be a form of energy.

Is Reiki a "channeled" energy?

No. Reiki is born from within. It represents a connection with the soul.

Is Reiki born from the "violet flame?"

No. The violet flame is a manifestation of the sacred connection to the higher self and Universal Field.

{When this answer came through, I asked, "Do you mean the Unified Field?" The answer: "No." Universal Field it is.}

Where does Reiki come from?

The Universal Field.

What is the Universal Field?

The landscape of souls joined together to form a spectrum of unremitting love.

{I have returned to this sentence several times since I transcribed it, because of the awesomeness of "a spectrum of unremitting love."}

How is Reiki accessed?

Through intention. The participant reflects on the Reiki, and places his hands, and it is so.

{To me, "reflects" could be another word for "meditates." Thoughts?}

How does remote Reiki work?

Through intention, the mind is set on the transmission of the energy from subtle body to subtle body. As all are part of the Universal Field, Reiki is intended for another, and it is so.

{This makes sense to me. I often think of souls as being part of a canvas or cloth, woven together. If that's the case - as it seems to be - then the transmission of Reiki from person to person is remarkably simple.}

Are symbols integral to Reiki?

No. The symbols are a fabrication intended to assuage those who believe they need something tangible to anchor to.

{It's rare for me to use anything but the CKR and SHK anymore, and sometimes even they aren't in the picture.}

Is the chakra system integral to Reiki?

No. The chakras are their own energy body, and stand apart.

{That's what I've come to understand, too, since 2011.}

Can Reiki affect the chakra system?

No. That belief is a misdiagnosis of the usage of Reiki.

{I'm still chewing on this one, because I thought, after my original certifications in Usui/Tibetan Reiki, that I was using Reiki to heal my chakras.

Maybe the fact that I don't use Reiki that way anymore is what would be more beneficial to chew on. And then, there's the use of the word, "misdiagnosis"...}

Must someone be initiated/attuned to access Reiki?

No. Reiki is accessible to all through acceptance of its presence within their energy system.

{I'm chewing on this, too - the "how" of it. I'm sure I'm overcomplicating it. "Yes" on that from Spirit.}

I often tell those who may be interested in practicing Reiki that the classes are actually a reminder of something they're already able to do. Is that an accurate statement?

Yes. Reiki is born in all.

{Which is why I'm chewing on the last answer.}

Is there anything else that would be important to know about Reiki?

Yes. Reiki is less than more. Its simplicity has been rendered complex with the addition of forces and frills to the detriment of its practice.

{Confession: I was a little taken aback by the use of the word "detriment," and almost chose to soften it. Even as I'm typing, I'm getting a strong "no" response to that. It stays.}

Does Reiki heal?

The answer to this post's title, then, is, "Yes." However, it isn't necessarily a "yes" in the way that thousands of Reiki practitioners and masters have been taught.

There are a lot of concepts mixed into this post. If you're an energy worker or metaphysical healer/practitioner, you're probably familiar with some, if not most, or all, of them. If you're unfamiliar with any or all of them, I invite you to use the comment section to open up a discussion.

This is the first time I've shared channeled messages outside the realms of Angel Card readings, and the weekly message I share through Spirited.

I talk to my angels, spirit guides, and Spirit, more and more, day by day. I'm grateful for their patience, and their willingness to answer my questions. (Soooo many questions.)

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What do you think? Agree or disagree? More questions raised than answered? (Welcome to the club! Also, please ask.)

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