Does Intuition Wear Out?

Does Intuition Wear Out?


Does intuition wear out? That's a question that hadn't occurred to me. It did to my guides, though. And they felt it was so important that they "took the wheel," created a new post in my site's dashboard, assigned it a title, and channeled a message through me unexpectedly. And all in the course of two minutes or so. I edited the title because it felt a bit stilted: "The Powers of Intuition Wear Out?"

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Here's their message:

"The powers of the intuition wear out? The intuitive may wear out. She may overdo from a mental, emotional or physical perspective and find that her intuitive powers feel dulled or even void. This is as though a way for the soul to interject its powerful presence upon the human. In this way, the soul acts as though a parent, tucking the child into bed after a tiring day, even as the child insists they aren't tired."

There's always a purpose when this sort of thing happens. There's likely somebody (more likely a bunch of somebodies) who needs to read this. And it certainly speaks to a compulsion - or straight-up stubbornness - we humans seem wired with. It provokes us to push through and do more, even when all signs (and symptoms) indicate and call for the exact opposite action.

Does intuition wear out when it's overworked?

I often compare exercising our intuition to exercising our muscles. We may over-exercise our muscles to a point where they actually fail us. Pushed too hard, our muscles rebel.

My guides tell me the same happens when we overwork our intuition. How might we do that? The only way that comes to mind is using it to help too many people on any given day. Whether we overbook our own professional schedule or participate in an event that sees us supporting people every 10 to 20 minutes, we may tap ourselves out intuitively.

And that may show up with symptoms very akin to physical, mental and emotional overexertion. We may find ourselves our depleted on every front, and seemingly short or void of intuitive back-up. (I confess to doing this more than once.)

The "mechanics" of overworking intuition

As receptors and projectors, our physical container and its systems are hardwired and "softwared" for processing the energy of intuitive abilities... to a point. Through spiritual activations, which basically act as software updates, our capacity for that energy increases.

Sticking with that analogy, we might understand that our capacity for exerting ourselves intuitively has limitations based on our current software installation. And we can't force or demand a higher-level software. We receive updates (activations) only when we're ready for them, at the discretion of powers more objective than us.

So, how might we avoid intuitive wear-out?

A couple ideas:

  1. When we make our professional schedules, we adhere to a reasonable number of bookings per day, no matter what.
  2. If we participate in a public event, we dictate the frequency of readings, the maximum number of readings, and non-negotiable breaks.

These align with everyday basic self-care strategies for intuitives. And since it's self-care, that means we must uphold it for ourselves.

The good news is, if we do find ourselves intuitively worn out, practicing additional self-care provides replenishment:

Shut down. Go into full-on shut-down mode, if possible, by refusing any more person-to-person interactions (digital and in real life) for the rest of the day.

Clear and clean. Smudge away the day's energy (with sage and/or energy work and/or crystals and/or pendulum) and then wash away the rest.

Get cozy. Once clear and clean, climb into the comfiest, coziest clothes or pajamas not currently in the dirty clothes pile.

Eat and drink. Oftentimes the energetic drain results in a need for physical nourishment. Hearty comfort food (whatever that means for us and our diet) and supportive liquids (water, herbal tea, more water) provide what we need.

Rest and rest. And by rest, I mean sleep; the vehicle through which true healing occurs. With sufficient sleep following the other self-care measures, we'll find ourselves as good as new - or at least pretty close.

Have you ever worn out your intuition?

Blessed be.

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