Displays of Soul

Displays of Soul | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer :: The Soul Ways

Daily card and channeled message: Knight of Wands from Everyday Witch Tarot, created by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba.

“Assign the soul as the primary negotiator as today reveals itself. The powerful ego may tell you someone is ‘stealing your thunder’ or convince you that you are being copied or belittled. Greet such acts of ego with kindness as only the soul can provide.”

When I flipped this card over, I experienced a “Hey, wait” moment, because we just saw it on Monday. Same card, different message, albeit similar in tone.

I hear “watchful” and then “observant” and then “guarded.” I take those words to mean we need to practice them on ourselves, for ourselves. This isn’t about keeping an eye peeled for “the enemy” that might poke our ego. This is entirely about being watchful of ourselves; observing ourselves and guarding against “displays of ego.” Instead, we’re to make displays of soul.

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