Diffusing Essential Oils

One of the funnest things about receiving my Young Living Premium Starter Kit was unpacking the Home Diffuser and setting it up. I couldn't wait to experiment with the array of oils that came with it.

In spite of my excitement to get it up and running, I did something uncharacteristic of me: I stopped to read the directions - thoroughly.

Diffusing Essential Oils With the Young Living Home Diffuser

Typically, I'm a directions skimmer unless there are a lot of moving parts. With the Home Diffuser, there are only three parts, aside from the handy-dandy sponge cleaner: the soft white base, the purple diffuser top, and the power cord. Even so, something gave me pause, and so I read the directions. I'm so glad I did that.

A great feature of this diffuser is its two diffusion settings: full-on and intermittent. The full-on setting emits a constant stream of vapor, while the intermittent setting emits vapor every 30 seconds. Is one setting better than the other? It depends on what your desired effect is, perhaps.

The constant stream of the full-on setting provides the benefits of whatever essential oil(s) you've chosen, and also the white noise of the diffuser itself. That could be a fantastic effect for, say, a healing session such as life or holistic nutrition coaching, psychotherapy, or any other session that involves talking, because it could possibly act as a sound barrier for anyone waiting on the other side of the session-room door.

The 30-second stream of the intermittent setting provides the benefits of whatever essential oil(s) you've chosen, too. The biggest difference with this setting, aside from not having consistent white noise, if that's desired, is that the diffusion lasts longer - about double that of the full-on setting.

Plenty of usage in both modes suggests that the full-on setting will produce approximately three to three and one-half hours of diffusion, while the intermittent setting will produce approximately seven hours of diffusion. In both instances, the diffuser will turn itself off when the liquid in the base's container reaches a certain level. That adds another benefit to the technological aspect of this beauty: peace of mind.

In either setting, you're benefitting from the atomizing effect of the oils you're diffusing, and the humidifying effect of the vapor. That humidifying effect is something I'm deeply appreciative of in the über dryness of deep Winter here in New Hampshire.

Diffusing Essential Oils With the Young Living Home Diffuser Infographic

Where's the fun in all that? Choosing oils to diffuse, of course! :-)

I've taken to tweeting the oils I diffuse most days, using the hashtag #DailyDiffuser. It's different every day, and it's totally intuitive. I ogle admire scan my growing array of Young Living essential oils, and let my intuition guide me both on the oils to be used, and how many drops to be used. (The instructions suggest 8 to 12 drops of oil for this diffuser.)

Yesterday, it was 13 drops of grapefruit (delicious!). The day before that, it was 7 drops of Purification + 5 drops of Citrus Fresh, both of which come with the Premium Starter Kit. The day before that, it was 7 drops of Thieves + 5 drops of Valor, both of which also come with the Premium Starter Kit.

It's always an adventure to discover what will infuse my work and school day - on the intermittent setting, more often than not.

What's Your Take?

Do you diffuse oils in your home or workspace? If yes, do you have a favorite oil or oil blend you like to diffuse?

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