This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally published 10/19/2013.

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be delighted? When did you last take childish - unedited, unspoiled - delight in... anything?Delight is one of those emotions that's so pure and "high," it can almost cause discomfort. Almost.

Delight requires a dropping of guards; a release of caring who's watching; vulnerability caused by its sweet intensity.

It may transplant you to a place of childhood wonder where belief in magic resides.It may remind you of what used to be, and evoke a wistful yearning for a return to more innocent and carefree times.It may ask you to suspend your adult responsibilities and let your hair down, along with your guard, and participate in something - gasp - unseemly or - double gasp - immature (word: immature doesn't equal ignorant or mean-spirited).Where delight resides, so does wonder. And where wonder resides, imagination is inspired, unimpaired by learned reality.Where delight resides, so does possibility. And where possibility resides, anything can happen - no matter how fantastical it may seem.Where delight resides, so does hope. And where hope resides, dreams are formed and intentions are set for manifestation.

Today's task: Open yourself to delight. Allow yourself to experience that poignantly exhilarating emotion. For extra points, actively seek it out, and recruit others - family, friends, strangers - to participate.

What delights you?


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