Deck from My 2016 Wishlist

Deck from My 2016 Wishlist


As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm divulging a deck still on my wishlist from 2016.31 Days of Tarot, Day 6: Deck on my Wishlist from 2016 ~ Wizards Tarot by Corrine KennerOh, my... This deck will be mine, sooner than later.Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen, is calling my name.There's something about this delicious deck that speaks to me of sorcerers and sorcery; of magicians and magic; of witches and witchcraft; of wizards and wizardry.Obviously, that last - wizards and wizardry - makes sense, and yet it goes further than that, as it conjures up the vision of a deliciously feminine Hogwarts-esque castle teeming with excited teachers and students of all ages and persuasions.It's so rich in detail, that vision, that I feel I can walk right into it and enter its tapestry; become one of its threads; contribute to its vibrant presentation.And apparently that's meant to happen, in a seemingly metaphorical way, as this deck simply must become one of my coworkers this year.I mean, look:Wizards Tarot Examples for Day 6 of 31 Days of Tarot: A Tarot Deck from My 2016 Wish ListPictured we have:

🔮 The Alchemist (aka The Hierophant)🔮 The Chariot🔮 The Dark Lord (aka The Devil)🔮 The High Priestess🔮 Justice🔮 The Lovers🔮 The Magician🔮 The Moon🔮 The Star

The figures... The imagery... The colors...There's something spectacularly deep and winkingly humorous about these cards. I feel like reading with them would take me and my clients to another world, which is a somewhat thrilling thought.And that thought is only somewhat thrilling because I feel the need to stay present; to refrain from getting ahead of myself or the cards - especially the cards.Until they're added to my reading collection, Wizards Tarot will remain deliciously mysterious. I'll delight in the anticipation of having them in my hands and learning what I'm meant to from them.And isn't that half the fun of having a Tarot wish list to begin with?

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