A Winter Plan

A Winter Plan | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer :: The Soul Ways

Daily card and channeled message: King of Wands from Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba.

“Eases the Winter Solstice. We open you to reason with readiness for the beach as it assigns to you the breadth of the ocean. Upon the ocean, you will set sail upon a journey of distinction and great purpose. The King creates a background plan from which will birth the fiery path of his new journey. Do similar that you will be in readiness.”

Tantalizing. Envision, if you wish, a beach. As you stand upon it, facing the ocean, notice what direction and destination calls to you. Notice what vessel may be required to carry you there. What will you require for tools? Who will you wish to accompany you?

This exercise feels like an invitation to explore the energies of 2018 for yourself, for your career or business, for your well-being.

Which Direction Will You Choose?

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