Current Energy: 2 June, 2016

With so much going on in the world, my guides decided an energy assessment was appropriate. Let's see how things appear from their infinite perspective.Current Energy: 2 June, 2017 ~ The world and cosmic energy currently affecting us.

World Energy

The antecedence of the current political structure in the United States continues to produce fallout globally. When the president chose to set in motion the United States' removal from the Paris Agreement, he initiated an energy of despair and distrust which will have long-term consequences for himself and for the United States.Energy of this nature requires an equal energy to neutralize it. While the efforts of individual cities and a large corporation will achieve some of that neutrality, the remainder will needfully be acquired on a person-by-person basis.We wish you to understand this. We wish you to open to the truth of your energy impacting the global energy. We notice many humans feel they live in a form of isolation. We assure you, this is not the case.Perhaps you could consider that when you drop a stone in a body of water, the effect is far-reaching as evidenced by the ripples across the surface and the disruption of the soil onto which the stone falls beneath the surface. This is so with your energy.To assist with the neutralizing of the despair and distrust, you will wish to energize yourself with hope and trust. To do so will be to assist your energy and to assist the global energy.

Cosmic Energy

The energy which is engaged with the cosmos will enter into a powerful thrust as it readies all humans to receive the magnificent wealth of wisdom opened by the one.The wisdom will come as though in a time capsule, as it includes all data from all of Earth. When the time capsule is opened there will enter into the collective consciousness all that must be known to heal Earth and preserve all life forms.Through this wisdom, those who are positioned to greet the healing of Earth will understand their part in the healing process. To prepare, we wish you will ground with the feet through placement of soles upon grass, sand, soil, or through the visualization of this.When the time comes for the wisdom to enter the collective consciousness, we notice there will be waves of energy which may impact some humans more than others. The waves will ably support the frequency of the wisdom.We wish you will attend to our message and prepare to receive the wisdom. We wish you will energize with hope and trust. We see there is reason to believe Earth can heal.

Well, that was unexpected and yet, obviously, necessary. I've nothing to add. Want to learn more about the type of channeling I do? The closest I've come to it, so far, is what's described in the books The Seth Material (Kindle or paperback) and Seth Speaks (Kindle or paperback), available through Amazon.

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