Current Energy: 19 May, 2017

I noticed someone searched "what is happening energetically" on my site within the past 12 hours or so. I was nudged by the powers that be to answer the inquiry.Of course, the fact that it took seeing the search term to do some investigating is... Well, it's a little embarrassing considering that enough's going on that I wound up using black tourmaline to clear something in my throat chakra earlier this afternoon.At any rate, and by whatever nudging, here we are.Current Energy: 19 May 2017 ~ Intuitive Ellen

The Current Energy

It's sultry Friday afternoon in May. It's funny - interesting funny - that I'm guided to share the temperature here in southeastern New Hampshire. It's 86 degrees. Like I said: sultry.For me, I can say the energy is tight. It feels as though it's wound up tight. And the thing about that is, when something's wound that tight it can't help but release when the tension reaches a certain point.Are we at that point? Yes and no.Let's find out more through a channeled message.

We notice there is some disturbance which is provoking a tightness of energy. The disturbance is related to a great change of energy which will begin its quest to revoke the current energy and replace it with a more refined and yet more proactive energy system.The treatment of the new energy will engage with the 22 of May. At this juncture, there will be a release and also a great breath. Through that great breath, all people will receive the new energy form.To prepare for this energy, you need only be in awareness of the energy as it is that you will be aware of the energy as it will be. For this, we say to you, energy which comes will ease the tightness and will provide a new constant.

Two points of interest before I unpack that message:

1) When I opened my eyes to see how I was doing with the typing, just after channeling "22 of May," I noticed the word count for this post was 222.2) When I opened my eyes again after finishing the last sentence of the channeling, I noticed the time was 3:33 pm.

Those are two more items to add to my ever-growing list of, "You can't make this stuff up!"

Unpacking the Message

So, there's that tight feeling explained. And it makes sense, doesn't it? In many ways, we could liken the tightness to a cork holding back the effervescence of champagne. What happens when we uncork champagne? There's a "pop" as the energy is released.It could be said, then, that we're in the uncorked champagne phase, right now. And, if champagne had a mind, it would be feeling the pinch of the bottle and hoping someone would open that bottle ASAP.The change of energy itself isn't unexpected. We've navigated through countless minor upgrades of late, in preparation for this larger upgrade. And please do take heart: It's an upgrade.The "22 of May"... Numerologically speaking, we add 22 to 5 (May) and come up with 27. Then we add 2 to 7 and come up with 9, which is a number that energetically denotes an ending or conclusion. And that can't help but lead to a transition to a beginning. That's how it works.I appreciate the revelation that past the release (of the old energy) there will be a "great breath." That feels really good, because the tightness of the current energy doesn't lend itself to ease of breath.Of course, neither does the high pollen count. ;-)The phrase "a new constant" feels foundational, to which I get a big "yes." Consider, then, that this new energy will act as our base operating system moving forward. Once it's in place, we'll get to learn what goodies might come with that operating system.

There You Have It

I'm back. You didn't know I was gone, right? I paused the writing of this post for a client session. Guess what time the session ended. ... ... ...4:44 :-)I hope this helps clarify whatever you're noticing and feeling.Peace. Blessings.

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