Crystal Grids and Craigh Na Dun

I've been watching Outlander of late. I'm way behind its current state, and time is such that I may watch two or three episodes each week.Rather than being impatient, I'm appreciating the relative slowness of the ingestion, comprehension, and digestion.And I'm haunted by its theme. an episode of season one, Mrs. Graham, Reverend Wakefield's housekeeper, shares a possible explanation for the disappearance of Claire Beauchamp Randall with Claire's distraught and defeated husband:

The songs tell stories about people who travel through the stones... The circle at Craigh Na Dun marks a place on the Earth where the powers of nature come together... The stones gather the power and give it focus, like a glass. D'ya ken? And certain people on certain days it allows them to pierce the veil of time.

Immediately following her statement, I was guided to pause the show and reach for my phone to write an email... to myself:

We see a connection between crystal grids and the explanation of how the stones of Craigh Na Dun work. We see the crystal grids work with similarity.

A tingling sensation worked its way from the base of my spine to the base of my skull, culminating with an understanding that was nothing short of enlightening.Crystal Grids and Craigh Na DunIt could be that if you've been working with crystal grids for some time now, this will be nothing new.Or it could be that you work with crystal grids because you understand they work, and yet haven't delved into why or how they work.  (Waving at you, some second-degree Reiki practitioners, and Reiki masters.)I'm new-ish to crystal grids, and I'm a delver by nature, and yet I hadn't gotten around to delving.Outlander did it for me, albeit unintentionally. It's like my spirit team knew I didn't need to delve. Huh. ;-)Back to the point here.Mrs. Graham's dialogue about Craigh Na Dun totally described how crystal grids work. Let's delve. :-)

Craigh Na Dun

The circle at Craigh Na Dun marks a place on the Earth where the powers of nature come together...

Fictional Craigh Na Dun is a vortex. We're familiar with the concept of vortexes, right? We've heard of those at Mount Shasta and Sedona, among others.What about other apparent hot spots on Earth? For example:

Are the standing stones of Stonehenge on a vortex? I'm told, "Yes."

Are the pyramids at Giza (which I was just shown in a vision) on a vortex? I'm told, "Yes."

Here's the question that a non-delver might not ask:

Were those two vortexes present before the stones and pyramids were erected? I'm told, "No."

So that's intriguing and revealing and maybe a little bit unnerving. And yet it isn't surprising given that lightning bolt of understanding that came to me last Sunday morning.Do you see where this is going?

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are vortexes. They're vortexes which, like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, were created under a set of ideal circumstances.This calls for more delving.

What circumstances?

We see the pyramids were erected in a manner which understood the forces of nature and the four directions. We see the purposeful placement was an attempt to harness the power of the sun.We see the Stonehenge was erected by those who were in tune with the cycles of the seasons and the sun and the moon. We see they understood the placement of the stones in conjunction with those cycles would create a power representative of those cycles.

Aha. That makes sense to me, and it creates another alignment with Mrs. Graham's statement:

The stones gather the power and give it focus, like a glass.

Since the Pyramids of Giza - starting with the Great Pyramid - were placed ideally to harness the power of the sun, and Stonehenge was erected ideally to harness the power of the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon, it makes sense that ideally placed crystals could harness power.

♦ That would mean the four directions are important to consider when creating a grid.♦ And that would mean consideration of the seasons is important when creating a grid.♦ And that would mean awareness of the moon's cycles is important when creating a grid.

For starters.Those factors are the appetizers because they'll determine the placement of the grid and the crystals.Here's the entree:


What "power" is to be harnessed through the grid? Is it Reiki? Abundance? Love? Healing? Clarity? Time-travel?The intention is the primary focus, and it's important - vitally important - to be aware of the seat of the intention.

The seat of the intention?

Yes. Is the intention seated in your heart or in your head?In other words...

Is your intention generated from your spirit (higher self) or from the ego?

The seat of your intention will ideally be your spirit. If it isn't, maybe hold off making a grid, because you likely won't be pleased with the outcome.Seriously.With the appetizer understood and the entree set, it's time to move on to dessert (required in this instance):


Does it matter what crystals we choose to use with the other factors firmly in place?The short answer is "No."The other short answer is "Yes."You know what time it is, don't you? It's deeper delving time.

We see the choice of stone for the crystal grids is factored only by the intention. If the intention is to prosper more, the choice of stone is irrelevant. If the intention is to create healing, the choice of stone is vital.We see the choice of stone for healing will be determined by the healer and the energy of the complaint. We see the choice of stone for prosperity may be those which are red.We see the red stones resonate with the root chakra which is concerned with security. We see the stones of healing must have a great purpose in them.

I don't mind admitting an appreciation for the almost dismissive nature of the intention "to prosper more." The essence of the message on that front as well as its feeling is very much "It's unimportant."That said, I also admit an appreciation for the mention of using red stones for prosperity and why.As for the stones - crystals - for healing, the indication of necessary specificity makes sense to me. After all, the energy of pneumonia is different from the energy of a broken leg.

D'ya ken?

What are your feelings on this subject and the information it's brought forth?If you haven't worked with crystal grids, might you give them a try?If you have worked with them, might you adjust your methods?

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