Crystal Children: The Future of Earth

Crystal children exemplify the reason so many of us find ourselves called to a deeply spiritual and esoteric path. They express the potential of life here on Earth, past the cacophony of violence, war, ignorance and hatred tearing it apart currently. And all that simply through their beingness.

Crystal Children: The Future of Earth | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #crystalchildren #spiritualawakening #thesoulways

Who crystal children are...

"The children with the crystal light powerfully incarnate at this time as wayshowers. They incarnate with their full soul faculties intact, wholly conscious, energetically whole."

Imagine that. Unlike most of us in our adulthood at this point in time, the crystal children incarnate with their soul memories fully intact. They have no need for recovery from spiritual amnesia, as they remember everything.

Of course, we might wonder how they differ from other children. Because all children, after all, remember their soul roots during their early years. They easily recount other lives (here, too) and communicate with spirits and angels. For children, those abilities and that level of access seem second-nature.

Crystal children differ from other children because their soul memories remain with them even through human conditioning. And while they would obviously benefit from parenting that nurtures their "soul faculties," they retain those faculties regardless.

...and why we need them now

As wayshowers, these children teach through their beingness. They eat, play, sleep and breathe the soul ways; those ways in total alignment with the qualities and ideals of the unfettered soul.

"The soul ways encompass and embody the ways by which humans may live life in harmony with all and everything. They express the tenets of the soul, engaging with peace, compassion and oneness."

That statement alone expresses why we need these children now. In effect, they teach us - remind us - how we may live harmoniously with Earth, on Earth. And while many of us as spiritually awakened adults strive for that, we need help and lots of it. With the birth of more and more crystal children, the help we need arrives every day.

"As more children with the crystal light incarnate, their energy and ways offer a new normalcy which redirects the un-remembering. The new normalcy sees increased remembering among fully-formed humans, and a greater expectation of a similar remembering among other humans."

The future of Earth looks hopeful...

...through the vision of throngs of crystal children incarnating here. A bubble of excitement growing in my heart and solar plexus chakras synchronizes with that vision and expands upon it. The expansion reveals a "new set of rules" for Earthlings that allows Earth and all her inhabitants to thrive together. May it be so.

Blessed be.

Illuminating the Week of 3 June 2019

The Soul Ways

The Soul Ways