A Little Bit Crunchy

I'm beautiful, naturally.

When I Say Beautiful...

I mean those things we do in our daily routine to clean and spruce ourselves up. From showering, to hair styling, to applying deodorant and makeup.

When I Say Naturally...

I mean non-chemical, to the greatest degree possible.For instance, the deodorant I use is made from all-natural ingredients. (The irony of its brand name - Crunchy Betty - doesn't escape me, I assure you.) Also, I use coconut oil for both makeup remover and moisturizer.Speaking of makeup, I have that routine pared down to a rare application of eyeliner and lip stain, and an even more rare application of eyeshadow and mascara.

I'm really talking about being more than a little bit crunchy.

Why the Crunch?

I've learned a lot over the past year and a half about the chemicals we regularly ingest, and apply to our bodies, and how they affect not only us, but our planet.

While I made some changes when I transitioned to plant-based eating, what I've since learned through college led me to make broader changes. And it's all led to my current crunchiness.Bonus: It's a lot less expensive, when all is said and done.Over to YouAre you (a little bit) crunchy? Are you (a little bit) chemical?* Or are you (a little bit of) both?*If the "Are you (a little bit) crunchy? Are you (a little bit) chemical?" led you to sing the theme song from the original Donny & Marie Show, give yourself a gold star! :-)

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