Crossing Over

The crossing over of earth-bound spirits is another ability I didn't seek training for. Instead, I was given on-the-spot guidance.

I don't offer it as a separate service, since it's on my to-do list when I perform an energy clearing. If there is an earth-bound spirit present during a clearing, I will assist it to cross over, period.

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What It Means to be Earth-Bound

Earth-bound spirits are those that have left the physical bodies they inhabited, and for some reason missed the crossing-over light. From that point, they're stuck on the physical plane until they're either 1) assisted into the light, or 2) until they seek it out.

The problem with the second of those two options is, most spirits don't realize they can seek the light, which means option one is their primary hope.

When a spirit is earth-bound they will, more than likely, gravitate to and linger at those places they resided, or worked at, because they're familiar to them. They may even find comfort there.

Contrary to some opinions, they won't linger at the cemetery their physical form is buried at, because it doesn't offer comfort.

The thing about being earth-bound is, it can wear on the spirit. When it does, a spirit can accumulate energy that has the ability to change its appearance, and, along with that, its temperament.

Here's my understanding of the possible transformation a spirit can undergo, in that case:

spirit -> poltergeist -> goblin -> demon

I'll be really honest here: I'm already uncomfortable with the concept of earth-bound spirits, aka ghosts, even though I find myself less so by degrees, the more I do this work.

Given that fact, I can assure you that I'm really uncomfortable with the concept of poltergeists, goblins, and demons.

To be even more honest, I've chosen to believe that they didn't exist; that there were only angels, spirit guides, crossed-over spirits, and earth-bound spirits, along with Spirit itself.

That belief fits much better with my overall preference for and subscription to the positive. And then, Monday night, July 14, happened.

I received a message from a friend who is also a client. Her young child, who is as remarkably tuned in as their house is active, was severely distraught, and claimed to have seen a goblin flying around her room.

It was an unusual choice of word - "goblin" - for the pre-K child.

The woman immediately set about clearing the room with intention (powerful), and protective artifacts (also powerful) that the child could take comfort in.

I conducted a clearing from my remote location, as well, and shielded their house and grounds from further intrusion.

Afterward, I conducted a one-question Q&A with Spirit:

Q: Are goblins real? ~ A: Yes. ~ ~ ~ {damn}

At the time, I was preparing for bed, and doing my best not to think on the matter further until the bright light of day.

You know what happens when you try not to think about something, right?

Next thing I knew, I was seeing the goblin, which was interesting, to say the least. I immediately called in the light, which I sensed was needed, and intended that it be a tunnel, rather than its usual sunlight-like shaft.

Its purpose: to contain the goblin so I could see what it really was.

As the light poured over it, its figure changed. The outer manifestation dissolved to reveal the spirit beneath: a 9-year-old boy who'd passed 90 years prior. I viewed his brown eyes and hair; chambray shirt, and suspenders holding up frayed trousers; bare feet.

He looked surprised to be exposed, and then he smiled, and I bid him peace and love as he crossed over into the light.

After that, I was able to sleep.

First thing yesterday morning, my Q & A continued, which led to my understanding about the transformation an earth-bound spirit can undergo.

What Crossing Over Means

Crossing over is what the no-longer contained spirit is meant to do when it leaves the human body.

If all goes well, the light is drawn in by the human's angels - the same who attend their birth - and the spirit enters into it, and is transported to the spirit plane; the Universal Consciousness; Heaven.

It's in those instances where the physical death happens in a way that might be sudden or otherwise unexpected, and the person's angels aren't present to ensure their human charge's spirit returns to the light, that the spirit can miss the light and become earth-bound.

For me, the cool thing about spirits who cross over is that they can still communicate with their human loved ones.

The communication can be achieved with the assistance of mediums, who can convey messages which may come through as spoken or static words, or images, or both. In-spirit loved ones will also communicate through various signs, such as:

  • certain songs
  • unusual sightings of animals and birds
  • the unexpected appearance of coins
  • repetitive or meaningful numbers
  • the persistent thought of that person

I'm (here's that word again) comforted to know that spirits have a safe haven to which to transcend once they pass from the physical form.

Over to You

What are your thoughts on crossing over? Do you believe in any of the various states the spirit can take that were mentioned above?

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