You know that person who keeps coming to mind?

♥ The one you think of when you hear a certain song.♥ The one who gave you the mug you drink your morning coffee or tea out of.♥ The one who ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's with you in commiseration after you broke up with what's-his-name.♥ The one who will take what really happened to the grave with her.♥ The one who causes your heart to ache a little with missing him.

Connect with that person.Connect in love and peace.Not via Facebook or Twitter, and not via text message.Call that person on the phone.Arrange a Google Hangout or a Skype session.Make plans to meet him or her for coffee or lunch.Yes, connection is a two-way street. And yet...How long will you wait for that person to make contact before the possibility of connection on this Earth is no longer possible?Connect.