Think back to the last time you received a compliment. Maybe it was for a new haircut, your handbag, a pretty pair of earrings, or a well put-together outfit.How did you respond?Did you say, "Thank you," with a pleased smile? Or did you say,

  • "My hair was getting so ratty, I needed something different."
  • "What, this? I got it on sale at that half-price mall in the clearance section with a coupon!"
  • "Oh, I've had these for ages. I'd forgotten all about them."
  • "Lucky combination. I usually suck at putting outfits together."

Sound familiar? You aren't alone.As lovely as it is to pay a compliment without qualification, it's equally lovely to receive a compliment without qualification.Choosing to receive a compliment gracefully and gratefully, with a simple, heartfelt, "thank you," is a mindfulness practice all in itself. Does that surprise you? Take a moment to consider it.Accepting a compliment with grace helps you be mindful of...

  • the person offering the compliment
  • the object of the compliment
  • your heart- and soul-based response to the compliment

It honors the giver of the compliment, and it honors you, the recipient.

Today's task: Practice receiving a compliment with mindful grace. Simply say, "thank you." Enjoy the opportunity to accept it as it is given.

Do you accept compliments?