Let's talk about commitment.Hold on. Stick with me here.I hear that groan, all you commitment-phobes. Set aside your preconceived notions, and read on. It isn't a dirty word, really.Commitment comes in many shapes and sizes - like people do. And just like people, it can raise a lot of emotions in us, perhaps especially in women.

A little truth serum: It isn't just men who are commitment-phobic.

We make a variety of commitments every day. Most of them are to ourselves, such as:♦ Eating well♦ Drinking plenty of water♦ Practicing♦ Getting some exercise♦ Taking time to adequately restSome commitments that will directly affect others are:♦ Fidelity to our life partner♦ Doing our job to the best of our ability♦ Keeping our end-of-life affairs in orderSelf-commitment results in greater freedom.Perhaps surprisingly, commitment can result in greater freedom. Truly.Consider this:By eating well, drinking enough water, exercising, and resting adequately, we make way for our body to do more for us.By being faithful to our life partner, we open ourselves to a deeper, more dynamic relationship.By doing our job to the best of our ability, we honor ourselves as well as our employer.By keeping our affairs in order, we needn't worry about the what-ifs associated with unexpected death.Recommit yourself to someone special: you.How will you recommit to yourself?