This is a recovered post from a botched website transfer in 2014. It was originally published 10/20/2013.

Through age five or six, you likely found comfort in a handful of things:
  • Your mother's and/or father's arms
  • Your security blanket
  • Your favorite stuffed toy
  • Your crib or bed
  • Your pacifier/binky

Between the ages of five or six and eleven, you likely still found comfort in a couple of those same things, with the addition of a few others:

  • TV
  • Your favorite book
  • Your best friend

Between the ages of eleven and eighteen, you probably swapped out at least a couple things, and your comfort bin may have looked something like this:

  • Your room
  • Electronic devices, including TV
  • Your favorite foods
  • Your pet(s)
  • Your best friend or clique

From eighteen on, new worlds of comfort opened up. Your comfort bin may now contain these items...

  • Your home
  • Electronic devices, including TV and smartphone
  • Your favorite food/beverage/drug
  • Your pet(s)
  • Your closest friends and/or relatives

...and maybe these, too:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Yoga

When it comes to comfort, I hope you can agree that finding it within, rather than without, is the healthier alternative.

Today's task: Take some time to explore what brings you comfort. Identify one thing unrelated to electronics, or any ingestible or imbibable substance. One that doesn't require the presence of another person. Commit to making it your go-to comfort source.

Where do your find your comfort?