A Collective Reading for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

A Collective Reading for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

You know it's time to buckle up and tackle a collective reading for the 2017 solar eclipse when a solar eclipse reading is the primary search term on your site. :-)A Collective Reading for the 2017 Solar Eclipse ~ Intuitive EllenTop Searches:

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What's interesting is that I offered a solar eclipse reading as a limited-time paid offering. While people made good use of that offering, the traffic to that page in no way equaled the reading orders. When I saw the search terms, it clicked. And believe me, I totally get it.That unasked question - To do a collective reading for the 2017 solar eclipse, or not? - answered, the next question - asked - was, How am I to do the reading? The two choices:

  1. Conduct a channeled writing-style reading and then create an audio recording or
  2. conduct an audio reading and then transcribe it.

My guides were unanimous about choice number two. What you'll find below, then, is the SoundCloud file of the audio reading, a link to the reading on iTunes, and the full text of the reading.

Collective Reading for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

I'm using the same format I used for the personal eclipse readings. The format includes two Tarot cards and an affirmation or context card.

  • The first Tarot card represents how the energy of the eclipse will affect the collective.
  • The second Tarot card represents how we can work with that energy, and/or how that energy may work with us.
  • The affirmation or context card offers us some information - and perhaps even a mantra - to help us through the energy.

Here are our cards:Cards for our Collective Reading for the 2017 Solar Eclipse: 5 of Air and Hermit from The Good Tarot, and Fantasy from Magic & Manifestation Affirmation Cards ~ Intuitive EllenAs guided and promised, here are the three iterations of our collective reading for the 2017 solar eclipse.

The SoundCloud Track

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The iTunes Link

If you're an iTunes user, you'll find the podcast there. I'd love for you to follow me.

The Full Text

The first card is Five of Air. So, I am using The Good Tarot. That's the deck I was guided to out of all my Tarot decks. And the Five of Air is the equivalent of the Five of Swords in traditional Tarot.So, the Five of Air card... Let's find out what our channeled message is since I can feel that our guides are ready to speak.

And we notice the Five of Air represents your connections between your mind and your soul. The Five of Air represents the need to listen to your soul above your mind. The Five of Air wonders, How can you be in service to your soul and also in service to your human mind? The answer to this question will be somewhat different for each person, and yet we notice that as a collective there is a great need for more soul and less mind.We notice that the mind is represented by the ego. We notice the mind is represented by extremism; by need for acceptance; by doubt, worry, fear; by anger; by need to be validated in some way. And the soul has no such need. The soul is powerful all on its own. The soul seeks no outside influence; no outside support; no outside way of being in a form of validating. And perhaps when you consider this, you will wonder why it is of great importance that this occurs at this time; why it is necessary for humans to choose the way of their soul over the way of their mind. And we point you to the events which are taking place across your Earth. We point you to those people who will wish to rise up and express their hatred for certain people; for certain religions; for certain choices.And we notice that as this is of the old paradigm, there is no longer support for this within the energy that enters through the eclipse. We have noted many times that the eclipse is as though a great portal; gateway; a great doorway to a new way of being. And it will be as though rebirthing. It will be as though what was no longer is.And for those who would hold on to what was over what will be, there will be great challenges. There could perhaps be even great difficulties.  And we notice that this will be unavoidable as not all people are prepared to enter into this relationship with their soul over their mind.We wish that we could have all people be prepared for this, and yet we notice that there is this humanness, there is this will, there is this choice, there is this holding back for fear of losing the self. And we notice the self is an illusion. There is no true self. There is only the soul.When you are ready, then the energy of the eclipse, which will continue to pervade all of Earth for over a year time past the eclipse, then there will be available to you this surge of energy to help you and support you to choose your soul; to power through your soul; to bring your soul into your full way of being in your human realm.And we notice that there will be many wonderful changes when this occurs.

Well. That's quite a message, and not surprising. I feel like it's thematic, in many ways. Although... When I was conducting personal readings for the solar eclipse, everything was very individualized to a person - which is, of course, what we want it to be - and yet there was this underlying subtext. And that subtext was definitely around this transition for all people from the way of the mind - the way of the ego - to the ways of the soul, which are the ways of the heart.And it's a beautiful thing. It's time. For me, it feels like it's past time and yet, as was so nicely pointed out, not everybody has been ready. Not everybody still is ready. Some people have no concept of what's happening at the energetic level here on Earth, and that is okay. It's most important that we tend our own gardens and, through tending our own gardens, perhaps inspire others to tend their gardens, too.So, that is the collective energy - the representation of the collective energy around this eclipse. And I'll ask you to truly hold on to the concept of walking through a doorway. Consider that the door is already open. You don't need to worry about finding a key, or knocking on the door and hoping it gets answered. It is a doorway, and the door is open.And perhaps, if you're a person who visions like I do, the door isn't even there anymore. It's just a doorway. And it's a doorway we will step through collectively with the eclipse. You could try to do it now, and my understanding is that you would be held back.There's a reason for the timing. Certain things will be in place. I just heard, "astrologically and cosmically" things will be in place at that time that will support us walking through. And when it's time, our guides and angels will be there to help us. Okay?So, let's go to our second card. And, again, this card represents how we can work with that energy and/or how that energy may work with us.Okay. And speaking of doorways and keys, or the lack thereof, here we have the Hermit card from The Good Tarot. And this card... It's image is a door; a beautiful door. It looks like it's a wooden door with beautiful wrought iron decoration on it, and it has a large keyhole. And strung above it are a series of keys.There are one, two three, four, five, six, seven keys, it looks like, which is really interesting because seven keys; seven signs... There's something about that. So, I don't necessarily feel like we're going to get into what that means. It feels like for each of us it could mean something different.So... The Hermit card. What is the hermit? What is a hermit? A hermit is a person who lives solo. A hermit is someone who draws back from the world; draws back from outside forces; from outside interruptions; from external noise.A hermit is someone who draws inward, and when we draw inward - whether it's through prayer, meditation, daydreaming, dreaming - we have better access to our soul. I would say, never mind better access, we have access to our soul. And... Okay, our guides are taking over.

We notice that we wish for you to understand that as now it is necessary for humans to pause and connect with their souls, once you have transformed through the energy of the eclipse - once you have walked through that doorway - there will no longer be necessary this pause, this stop, this necessary quiet. There will be, instead, only the connection. There will be the soul present within you at all times.And, yes, of course you will wish to still your mind to some degree, and yet we notice the soul will have a volume which it has not yet had. It will have energy which it has not yet had. In this way, you could say that your soul becomes more vocal than your mind, and with no effort at all. It is simply there.And for some people, this could be - even if they have been doing work toward this end - it could be, in some ways, alarming. We notice that for some, it will be as though their intuitive abilities have magnified overnight. And this could be jarring and yet we invite you to be embracing this. We invite you to be open, as a child. We invite you to be in wonderment.We invite you to open yourself in a way that will excite you regarding these abilities and how they can help you, and help you help others; how you can help you, and help Earth. For this is what all of this is for. This is for each person, and then how each person can be in service to others and to Earth, as we notice that all are in need; as we notice that Earth is in need.Please be willing to embrace what comes.Also we will point out the number nine on the card. And remember that nine is the number of ending. And what is ending? Old paradigm. What comes with ending? Beginning. What is beginning? New paradigm. And we wish that this new paradigm will be as a balm to your heart; will be as a healing force for all people and all of Earth. And we wish that you will welcome this and accept it and intake it; breathe it; be it; share it.

Well. Wow, again. And again, I will say that this is somewhat thematic of the second card of a whole lot of people. And again, I will say that I can only recall one person actually getting the hermit card in this position. And yet, with all the people I did readings for, there was this message about the soul coming in; about turning inward in order to share outward.And, of course, it will be a different experience to a person. For those who are already doing the work, it may be that rather than having the need for some form of an incubation time for the energy to work with you, it will be a switch. It will be like a switch going off - or going on, I should say. For others, it could be a dimmer switch, and yet it will come on; it will come.And for those of you who might be thinking, "I am not ready to have my third eye wide open. I'm not ready for all of my chakras - my heart chakra, in particular, perhaps, to be wide open (that, and I would say the third eye chakra tend to be real triggers for people) - consider that it will not be that way for you unless you are ready. And it isn't about whether you think you're ready, it's about your guides knowing you are ready.So, trust that. Okay? Don't freak out. Breathe into it. And, you know, if you start seeing things you haven't seen before - if you start feeling, hearing, sensing, tasting, smelling things at an energetic level as you haven't before - journal about it. Make some note of it so that you can have a better interaction with it. Enter into a relationship with it. Don't let it happen to you. Be part of the experience. Okay?I'm being pointed back to the Hermit card and it actually feels like I'm going to channel some more.

We also notice that with the Hermit card, there is a sense of individuality. There is a sense of singleness. There is a sense, even, perhaps of separateness, and that is not what we intend here. It is only that we notice that in the quiet of the hermit comes the voice, comes the insight, comes the wisdom, comes. the message.We have the messages for you. We always have messages for you. And so, with this new and deep connection to your soul, our messages will be more clear for you; more available to you. And also we would notice that when you are in receiving our messages, they will be different than before. New language will come forth as there is need of new language within the new paradigm. We wish for you to be in some curiosity about this and to notice how perhaps you will see this new language becoming a collective language.

Ooh. Let me see if they're finished. I guess they are. I'm getting such goosebumps up my spine right now.Yes, a couple of things came up when I was - I forget exactly how it came up or where it came up. It was very recently though and in regards to the eclipse, and... Oh, I know. It was when I was channeling my Daily Divinations, and it's for one that's for sometime next week, I think. It was talking about the way messages come through, and it talked about angels numbers and spirit numbers and things like that.And then, what came through that channeled message was "cosmic numbers." And although they have not been revealed to me yet, I know that's part of that new language they're talking about. So, I'll be really curious to see and hope that once we're through the eclipse that will be revealed to me and then I can talk about that.And there was something else... Oh...

We notice that we mentioned an opening, and this will be discussed more, as well.

Yes. There was something channeled about an opening and it was called "Cacidian." And I Googled it and there's no such word. So, we will have to learn more about that, too, once we're through the doorway of the eclipse.So, now we are at our third card, which is the affirmation or context card to offer us some information to help us through this energy. So, let's see what that may be.Okay, so this card is from Cristina Re's Magic & Manifestation Affirmation Cards, and the card is Fantasy. And this card depicts a beautiful unicorn. So let's find out more about the Fantasy card.

We wish for you to fantasize how an Earth which is powered by the soul energy could be. We wish that you will fantasize about how a collective human race who is in tune with their soul could be. We wish that you will fantasize how it may be that what is will change; that what is that causes great pain, suffering, injury, damage, harm will dissipate; will heal; will transform into what we cannot promise is any sort of a utopia, or otherwise perfect society, or a wholly healed Earth, and yet we can promise will be a wonderful change and a wonderful opportunity for there to be greater understanding; for there to be more acceptance, tolerance, love, peace. And also for Earth to be in recovery from her great illness.This is what is possible. This is what we wish for you to hold in your hearts. This is what we wish for you to bring into being. And we feel that, as a whole - as a collective - there is a great chance that this will come into being.

Well, that's really beautiful. And although the card here is Fantasy and fantasizing is the verb that comes up around that, I'll encourage you to perhaps consider envisioning; consider intention; consider... Oh, what's another good word? The word "awakening" comes to mind and yet it feels like we're almost past the point of awakening.It really feels like we're moving out of that and into the "real work," so to speak, as I just heard. And the real work is what's going to bring about the real healing and, as I just heard, the real truth.So, I hope that this helps. And I wish you a wonderful, wonderful solar eclipse. Enjoy the energy. Enjoy what's possible. And be well. Thanks so much for listening.Blessings be.Are you guided to have a session with me? Click here.

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