Collective Energy Reading for 2018

Collective Energy Reading for 2018

It feels important to put this energy reading for 2018 "out there," even though the post that frames it is incomplete from an SEO perspective - and a Google perspective. I plan to transcribe the reading into this post early in the first week of 2018 to remedy that.A Collective Energy Reading for 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ #energyreading #collective #tarot #2018 #newyearIn the meantime, below is the collective energy reading for 2018, which I conducted via Facebook Live. If you wish to view it on Facebook (it's public) and contribute to the commentary, you can click here.Here's the video, embedded from YouTube: deck I used for this reading is The Good Tarot, created by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia. You're encouraged to draw your own cards in conjunction with the categories addressed here:

♥ Personal growth♥ Well-being♥ Business♥ World view♥ Weather♥ "Other," aka "the last word"

If you don't have divination cards, you may want to consider these categories as journaling prompts to get you started.Peace. Blessings. Light. Love... and Happy New Year!

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