Clothes Clean-Out

I knew yesterday morning that I would be heading to the dump after work to dispose of my modest bag of trash.  What I didn't know is that the trash would be joined by two bags of clothes that I can no longer wear, and weren't in a condition I felt suitable for donating.  Upon arriving home, the urge struck me and I went with it.

While I was emptying my dresser and closet of items it was time to discard, I also filled a third bag with items to be donated.  My dresser is almost empty, and my closet has been thinned out considerably as a result.

I didn't realize that I had segregated all but one of the prints (far right) from the solids until I downloaded this picture to my computer.

I have to say, it was hard for me to throw away and prepare to donate clothes I can no longer wear.  I was surprised at my somewhat emotional reaction as I remembered where they'd been worn, and with whom; where I bought them, and why.

The clothes I'm donating were posted to FreeCycle along with the dresser, and the other two bags are at the dump now.  Now that they're gone, there is an increased feeling of lightness in my bedroom.  The clean-out continues.

Have you ever purged a large amount of clothing at one time?  Was it difficult for you?

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