Closing the Book On 2018

Closing the Book On 2018


Closing the Book On 2018 is the follow-up to last year's Closing the Book On 2017. While its base premise is an Instagram divination practice, it's equally suited to a journaling practice, or even a meditation practice. For some of us, it may be a combination of all those things.

This year's Closing the Book on 2018 divination practice offers up a total of 11 prompts, beginning December 1 and ending December 31. The hope is that the space between prompts will make it both more manageable and also more juicy. We'll have more time to marinate in the heady and heartful juices of our self-inquiry.

Closing the Book On 2018: A divination and/or journaling practice by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ 11 prompts over 31 days to heal, honor and release 2018.

For each prompt, reflect on 2018, draw a Tarot or oracle card for guidance, and allow your intuition to divine the answer that's best for you.

If you wish to use Instagram for this practice, you can follow me right here. My handle is @thesoulways. (No period after the "s".) I'll share all the prompts at once today, November 29,  on Instagram and then share the prompts individually on each day of the practice.

If you wish to complete this practice offline, the 11 prompts are below, both in text and image form. May they assist you with Closing the Book On 2018, and paving the way for 2019.

Closing the Book On 2018 Prompts: Image

Closing the Book On 2018 Prompts by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ A divination practice to heal, honor and release 2018.

Closing the Book On 2018 Prompts: Text

  1. December 1: What lesson was most impactful, and why?
  2. December 4: What guidance did I follow that moved me forward the most?
  3. December 7: Who or what challenged my ego the most, and how did I - or can I now - find resolution with them/that?
  4. December 10: Who or what engaged my heart the most, and how did I - or can I now - wholly welcome them/that?
  5. December 13: In what ways did I promote my well-being, and what was most impactful?
  6. December 16: Who or what needs my forgiveness? Do I need to forgive myself?
  7. December 19: How did I honor fun and play, and how can I honor more of it?
  8. December 22: In what way was I creative? Is there anything still needing creation before the new year?
  9. December 25: The greatest gift of 2018 for me was...
  10. December 28: How did I honor my soul's power and purpose?
  11. December 31: What am I leaving in 2018 so I can fully embrace 2019?

Blessings be.

Ellen sign-off.

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