Clearing 2017 with Energy Work

Clearing 2017 with Energy Work

Clearing 2017 with energy work is an efficient way of making space - clear and motivated space - for 2018. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.Clearing 2017 with Energy Work: Closing the Book on 2017, Space Clearing, Personal Clearing ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ #energywork #energyclearing #energyhealing

Clearing 2017 through Closing the Book on 2017

Many people are clearing 2017 through an Instagram challenge I created. It began December 1 and concludes December 31. Through it, participants acknowledge the energy of each month of the year passing. In that way, they permit themselves to release any energy what won't serve them in 2018.Closing the Book on 2017 Instagram challenge. (Makes an excellent source for journaling prompts.) ~ Intuitive EllenThere's no need to be on Instagram for clearing 2017 using this method, though. It could just as easily become a series of journaling prompts to help you resolve any energy that needs it. It's been fascinating to note what's come up for participants. If you're on Instagram, you can find the challenge through the hashtag #closingthebookon2017.

Clearing 2017 through Space Clearing

I've had a small rush of people asking for space clearing over the past five days, and there's no coincidence with that. The energy of the passing year has a way of gathering much like dust and dust bunnies. When that happens, one way to address it is through healing the energy of the a space - home, business, property - with energy work.The method I use is very much show-and-tell, and fully guided. The approach to every space's clearing needs is different, save for one detail: The perspective I'm shown is that of the front door of the house being closest to me. That means, as I'm sitting here at my desk in Southeastern New Hampshire, and close my eyes to envision the space I'm working with, my perspective always begins from the front door.It's as though I'm standing at the front door, looking at and/or into the residence or office. After that, at some point, I'm shown an "aerial" view - or Google Earth view, as I call it. From that perspective, I'm looking down into the space.Both vantage points prove helpful. The first offers an anchoring point for reference to the various areas guidance prods for mentioning. The second offers a larger perspective; an at-a-glance perspective that helps me identify specific areas of interest that may be more structural in nature.The clearing methods are typically varied and practical. In some instances, I may receive guidance for using an energetic vacuum cleaner or filtration system. In other instances, an energetic jackhammer or dust cloth offer themselves as tools. These methods are Shamanic in nature, for all they employ modern tools.

Clearing 2017 through Personal Clearing

This method is similar to space clearing, except it's the energy field and energy body that benefits. With this method, Shamanic means may come into play at times, too. Mostly, though, I notice that pure light energy does the job.Through inviting the light in as a clearing tool, the energy field is viewed and cleared of unnecessary debris (vectors, as some term them). And with that same light, the chakras receive clearing, followed by realigning as necessary. Finally, the energy body - the energetic representation of the physical body - is cleared of any undesirable energy and the meridians are healed and aligned.It can be that energy moved from the energy body may benefit the physical body: Pain may relieve; inflammation may resolve.

Energy Work Is Energy Work

Whether you employ Reiki, Healing Touch, or another form of energy work, the base function of each provides the means for clearing spaces of all sorts. From there, it's all about intention combined with your intuitive senses:

♥ clairalience (clear smelling),♥ clairaudience (clear hearing),♥ claircognizance (clear knowing),♥ clairgustance (clear tasting),♥ clairsentience (clear feeling) and♥ clairvoyance (clear seeing).

Are You Clearing 2017?

Is this action something you've considered or perhaps undertaken? Maybe you're in the process of it, right now. If neither of those instances apply, I encourage you to consider the appreciable impact energy clearing the near-complete year will have upon 2018.Starting the new year free from old-year energy makes room for all the deliciousness that awaits you.


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