Claircognizance: Intuitive Senses

Claircognizance: Intuitive Senses | Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer :: The Soul Ways

Claircognizance, a.k.a. clear knowing, is an intuitive sense that doesn’t reflect one of our five human senses. I just heard, “It’s a special delivery,” which is a fun and funny way to put it.

When we “just know” something, that’s claircognizance in action. We might “just know”:

…someone’s pregnant, even though there’s no obvious indication of it;

  • …someone specific is about to call or text us;
  • …a friend or family member is in trouble;
  • …there’s going to be an accident or some sort of traumatic event.

Claircognizance “assigns an instant of knowing that’s irrespective of any commonalities or human understanding based on facts,” say my guides. That could certainly contribute to that special-delivery statement.

It’s shown up for me through knowing someone was pregnant (several times), through knowing a friend or family member was about to call or text, and through knowing someone was in trouble. Everytime, it blows me away.

Have you experienced claircognizance? If yes, how did it show up for you? I’d love to know.

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