Clairaudience: Intuitive Senses

Clairaudience: Intuitive Senses ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #clairaudience #intuition #intuitive #intuitivesenses #thesoulways

Clairaudience, a.k.a. clear hearing.

This intuitive sense is about our between-the-ears hearing. It’s hearing the voices - and sounds, and songs - inside our head that we tune in from the ethers.

I’m known to say, with frequency, “I just heard…” even though in the physical sense, no one said a blessed thing. That’s clairaudience in action. It’s bound to be a spirit guide, ancestor, angel, or other light being communicating with me.

This isn’t to be confused with hearing disembodied voices or “things that go bump in the night.” Those external audio cues “are a reflection of a pretty impressive energy cache,” my guides say.

Also from my spirit guides: “Consider the ways of a spirit are more given to the audience of internal means, and the ways of a ghost are more given to the audience of external means.” Interesting, right?

So, I wonder:

  • Have you heard audio cues inside your head?
  • Are their sources known to you? (Guides, angels, etc.)
  • Would you consider clairaudience one of your primary intuitive senses?

Claircognizance: Intuitive Senses

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