Christmas Snow

Christmas snow...It isn't ordinary, everyday snow. It's extraordinary, rare snow.It's magic snow.Its flakes, aren't the kind you can equate with those you made from random cuts in multi-folded paper and hung with too-big pieces of tape in windows.Its flakes, when viewed with vision unimpeded by "should be" or "supposed to," are actually




sleigh bells

gingerbread houses

Santa Claus


hopes and dreams

Its magic enables it to fall in the warmest of climates, unseen even by believers, delivering its gifts, nonetheless.Christmas snow makes Frosty come to life.It animates snow angels, and helps give voice to farm animals at midnight on Christmas eve, when the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus is ushered in.It adorns the humblest tree with the most prized ornaments found in nature.It's what muffles the hooves of Santa's reindeer and the bells on his sleigh, so as not to wake barely-sleeping children, exhausted from chasing the sugar plums dancing in their heads, or their parents, exhausted from playing the roles of Santa's helpers.Christmas snow sparkles with the wisdom of the past, the glow of the present, and the promise of the future;

drifting down, feather light;

rendering all merry and bright;

a beautiful sight on the holiest night...

Christmas snow.Have you seen Christmas snow?

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