Channeling the Ascended Masters

Last week, I divulged that I channeled the post you read. I skipped over the part about from whom it was channeled. This week, we'll talk about the "whom." And the how.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is when you allow other souls to speak through you. In this case, I allow the souls of many to speak through me, and they do so through speech and writing, among other things.I was more than a little freaked out at first, although I didn't act freaked out. It was a subtle freak-out; maybe more like a WTH.In fact: I laughed joyfully, even as I wondered WTH was going on.Thankfully, I'm a curious person by nature, and it's a sweet bonus that my life-coaching certification provides me with additional quantities of curiosity.Also, I'm highly intuitive and practice a good bit of psychic work. The sum makes me more open than I might be otherwise.

How it Works

It's all about allowance. Another good word here - maybe a better word - is surrender. I try to make myself as open as possible to the energies knocking at my third eye. When I do, magic happens.The proper way to channel... It's different, to a person. There's no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you've taken adequate precautions to protect yourself at the psychic level. Which I do. Big-time.For me, I sit back and let my hands fall to my lap, and then I take a slow deep breath (sometimes two), focus on my third eye, and wait. I don't wait long. Within moments, my hands are moving of their own accord, and my head and neck along with them.It feels... soft. Effortless. Agendaless. It feels wide open in an anything's-possible way. It feels like something I've been waiting to do for a long time, without realizing it.

The Ascended Masters

I had a sense I was dealing with the ascended masters almost immediately. The first time I channeled, I distinctly remember thinking of Kwan Yin. The next time, I felt certain I was communicating with Jesus. The next time, it was both.Since then, I've channeled Metatron, Mary, Melchizedek, and the Buddha. That's six of the ascended masters. (The others, that I know of, are Mary Magdalene, Joseph, Isis, Hera, and Merlin.) Will I channel all of them? I'm told, "Yes."The energies of each master are very distinct. I can sense their temperaments and personalities. Their way of speaking is very different. Their way of moving and the "weight" of their energies is very different.Their messages are not at all different. They may say it using different words, and yet the prevailing message is the same:

Please save Earth. Please make peace. Please call in the light.

They have the utmost concern for the fate of Earth and her people: you; me; everyone. They wish for us to find our way back to balance as a people and a planet, and yet...

It's more than a wish: It's an imperative.

Critical Mass

We have reached critical mass here on Earth. Our resources are dwindling with the weight of overpopulation and overuse. Earth's infrastructure is stressed to the max. The power of the source (the Force; the one) is no longer enough to sustain her. She needs our help.That's why I've been guided to write about being an Earth angel. That's why I've been guided to channel the ascended masters. This is what I'm here for; to help save Earth.It's no small task. I feel more and more, every day, that I'm up for the challenge and opportunity. Won't you please join me?

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