Channeled Reading for May 7 - 13, 2018

Channeled Reading for May 7 - 13, 2018

It's time for our weekly energy reading! This week, we're working with the energies of Temperance and the Page of Wands from The Housewives Tarot Deck.Channeled Energy Reading for May 7 - May 13, 2018 ~ Intuitive EllenBelow, you'll find the video reading. Below that, you'll find the full transcript, just in case you prefer to read over watch. Enjoy.


Hi. I’m Ellen, and welcome to our weekly energy readingThis is for the week of May 7 through May 13, 2018.We’re looking at two aspects: our human selves and our soul selves.So, let’s get started.Oh, and, by the way, we are working with The Housewives Tarot deck.So, for our human selves… Oooh… Temperance. Okay.I’m just holding it there so you can see the text on the packaging.So… Joy, sorrow, justice and anger.Temperance is about balance. Temperance… I’m letting my guides take over.

Temperance, in this instance, asks you to remember life is multi-faceted.It will be with joy, with sorrow, with anger, with justice.And, in this, then, perhaps you could understand it will be best for you to accept that there will be all these facets.And permit yourself to rest easy, knowing that as there is sorrow, joy comes; as there is anger, justice comes.It is not for you to put upon others that they must become joyful in the face of sorrow; that they must refrain from anger.It is their process, and it is your process.

Oooh…We all have our own experiences in this human life.And even though it’s uncomfortable to be in sorrow, we can move through it knowing joy will come again.In fact, we may even find joy in that sorrow. And that’s, perhaps, more the thing here.Same with anger. It can be a really frustrating emotion – at least, for me – because I don’t find any value in it.Um… I don’t find value in sorrow, either, although sorrow – for me… I mean…I still grieve my dad, now and again. I’m not dwelling in sorrow, and yet now and again it rises.I don’t get angry at myself for it. I allow it, knowing that on the other side of it – or, perhaps, in the eye of that particular storm – joy will rise.With anger… I don’t like it. Not for me.I don’t like it in other people, either. It’s just how I am.I don’t like confrontation, and when I see anger…It feels just like futile energy; just futile. F-U-T-I-L-E. Sure, it can be feudal, too, but… futile.However, bear in mind that temperance shows up in our lives to permit us to move through these “angsty” emotions – these “angsty” times – with the promise of available balance for us. Okay?And it makes me wonder what might be coming up this week that might bring up some stuff for us.So, to bear that in mind. Okay?Our second card, for our soul selves, is… Page of Wands.He reminds me of… Is it Howdy Doody or is it Mike Teevee? Maybe it’s Mike Teevee from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”So, what is it about the Page of Wands for our soul selves?

Ask yourself how your soul brings fire into your life and presents it to others.What is it that ignites your soul energy?What is it that ignites that aspect of you which is centered in the soul; which comes from the source?And how might you ignite more of that energy, that others might appreciate all you are, and that you may better purpose all you are?

Oooh… I like that.I’m not sure that I have anything to add to that.I’ll invite you to consider what was said.It could be a great journaling prompt, or to draw cards for yourself – oracle or Tarot – and see what else might come up for you.And I would invite that for you always with these readings.Clarifying cards can be very telling, and they make it specific for you.Since these are group readings – collective readings – personalize the energy by drawing cards for yourself to see what these energies mean for you, personally.Okay?That’s all I’ve got.So, until next time, you take really good care.Lots of love.

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