Channeled Energy Reading for May 21 - 26, 2018

Our channeled energy reading for the week of May 21 - May 26, 2018 brings us back in touch with perspective through The Hanged Man.Channeled Energy Reading for May 21 - May 26, 2018 ~ Intuitive EllenThe channeled messages asked us to ponder several questions around our perspective of the energy shifts we're experiencing. You'll find those questions in the video embedded just below, and also in the transcript below that, if you prefer to read.


Hello. Welcome to our weekly reading.I'm Ellen, and we're looking at the energy for the week of May 21 through May 26, 2018.So, I've chosen just one card, and... My guides want to speak.

We notice that we are, as you might say, coordinating. We are bringing together energies of the human and the soul, as this is how we wish for you to walk in your life.

Yes. I sort of had a heads-up on that. As things happen, I was thinking of creating the video for this week, and then I realized that I would only be drawing one card.And that felt really good, actually, because while it's great to look at the human side of things and the soul side of things, the point of us being here is actually to bring those two things together.So, with that explanation, let's look at today's card, which is from The Housewives Tarot deck. Okay?The Hanged Man. Didn't we have The Hanged Man recently? We did for something.Yeah. And isn't that interesting, since we're... Rather than talk, I'm going to let my guides take over.

And with The Hanged Man, of course we speak of a change of perspective. We also speak to you of this energy, which is flowing in a way that is creating some topsy-turvy movement.And ask yourself: Is it still as unstable as it was? Is it that it is opening more, creating more disharmony, more change, more motion?Or is it, for you, that it is calming, that it is evening, that you are noticing having a noticing of new ways of holding yourself in the framework for this energy?Ask yourself how you are different in this changed energy. Ask yourself who this person is within this opening and this newness and this opportunity which is presented through this energy, as it continues unfolding and integrating.

Is there more to say about that?

We feel that we will ask for you to have some patience as you are realigning within new perspective, and also patience with others.It could be - may be - that there is more ease of alignment for you, and with others it may be that the alignment is more challenging and prolonged.

Ooh... That puts, actually, a really different take on the imagery in The Hanged Man.So, let's suppose that the woman is figuring things out; that she is having more ease with aligning herself in these new energies. And the man isn't. He's having a much more challenging time.So, opening ourselves to that perspective...

...permits that you may have compassion both for yourself and also for others, that you may also assist others with their opening, their alignment, and it will be well.

I really appreciate that message. Oh, my gosh. There's so much energy, right now.Let's see if there's anything else I want to add to that.Well, I will say they're showing me sort of a graph of what the energy looks like for this week. And it actually resembles a heartbeat, although not a steady heartbeat. The points are definitely not all even, and some of them are clustered...Thinking of it that way, just understand that yes, of course, every week we have our highs and our lows. We have our easefulness and our challenges.And yet, as we are realigning ourselves within this new energy framework that came in last week, and started coming in the week before, we just need to understand there may feel as though there are more extremes to it than our "norm."And that's where patience and compassion will come in. That's where understanding that our perspective is probably not the same perspective as other people in our life; other people that we even walk past on the street who are being affected by this energy and yet may not realize it.Okay?Let's see if there's anything else to say about that. No. I don't think so.So, that's our energy for this week. It feels - I just heard, "harness up." So instead of "buckle up," it's "harness up." And, actually, harnessing up feels more empowering than buckling up, and I'm not sure why.Maybe that's something that I will consider, and if it hits you the same way maybe you'll consider why that is, too. All right?Wishing you a week that includes a little less topsy turvy, and a little more balance.Take really good care. Lots of love.

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