Chakra Clearing: What, Why, How + Guided Visualization

Chakra Clearing: What, Why, How + Guided Visualization

Before we address chakra clearing, we need an introduction of the chakra.

Chakra. It's a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, circle and cycle.

It's pronounced chalk-ra, although most people I know pronounce it shaw-kra. There's another Sanskrit word pronounced shaw-kra and it has nothing to do with chakras.

Chakra Clearing: What, Why, and How, plus a Guided Visualization

The Seven Main Chakras

We have seven main chakras associated with our physical body. They are:


It's Muladhara in Sanskrit, meaning root support. It's located approximately at the perineum, or the base of the spine; the end of the tailbone. It resonates with a ruby red color and informs our sense of safety and security, groundedness, and ancestral relationships.


It's Svadhishthana in Sanskrit, meaning one's own base. It's located approximately at the sacrum, that triangle-shaped bone above our tail bone. At the front of the body, it tends to be found just below the belly button. It resonates with a vibrant orange color and informs our sensuality, sexuality, and non-ancestral relationships.

Solar Plexus

It's Manipura in Sanskrit, meaning jewel city. It's located approximately at the middle of the abdomen, about a couple to a few inches above the belly button. It resonates with a golden yellow color and informs our intuitive abilities and personal power.


It's Anahata in Sanskrit, meaning unstruck. It's located approximately at the sternum and between the breasts. It resonates with either a brilliant green or a soft pink color and informs our compassion for self and others.


It's Vishuddha in Sanskrit, meaning especially pure. It's located approximately at the Adam's apple on the throat. It resonates with a bright blue color and informs our communication.

Third Eye

It's Ajna in Sanskrit, meaning command. It's located approximately at the space just above the eyebrows and at the center of the forehead. It resonates with a dark violet color and informs our envisioning through clairvoyance.


It's Sahasrara in Sanskrit, meaning thousand-petaled. It's located approximately at the crown of the head, near or at the soft spot. It resonates with a brilliant pink color and informs our connection to our soul and the spirit realms.

These wheel-like energy centers act as spiritual compasses. They engage with a directional power which helps humans to navigate their physical beingness with their soul's remembrance.

The bold and italicized text denotes channeled writing. I'm so appreciating that higher explanation of the chakras purposes.

Chakra Clearing

When our chakras aren't functioning well, our lives can go seriously off-course. We can become stuck, unbalanced, wishy-washy, and helter-skelter... Their ill health can make a mess of us.

That's when chakra clearing may help shift us back into gear, and may then set us moving in the direction of our higher purpose.

When working with clients for an energy healing, the chakras sometimes come into play. When they do, I'm ever amazed by what comes up.

I've witnessed inverted, seemingly missing, and "murky" chakras. I've seen chakras incapacitated by energetic debris from the recent past and from past lives.

Through chakra clearing, I've witnessed:

  • healing breakdowns (the release of tears),
  • blazing awakenings (the acceptance of power),
  • deep understanding (the clarity of insight), and
  • wide opening (the grace of love).

It's beautiful and humbling.

The best way I know of to conduct a chakra clearing comes through visualization and intention. One by one, from root to crown, visualize each chakra. Notice its appearance and its feeling or vibration. Ask, "What does this chakra need?"

With each chakra, address its need and then intend that it function in its ideal state. Notice how your chakras change from start to finish. Notice how your feel from start to finish.

When you feel complete, take a few deep breaths and feel free to drink a nice tall glass of water. Move gently through the remainder of your day.

Guided Visualization

Here's the guided visualization I promised:

[soundcloud url="" params="color=784f79&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

While conducting this clearing on your own is super helpful, sometimes you may need assistance. If that's your case, I'm here to help.

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