Buckle Up for End-of-Year Energy

In this post, I recounted how I received a not-at-all subtle message from Spirit to "buckle up." I mentioned it on the My Facebook page, too, and it came up again in last week's Facebook-based Angel card readings:

As a not-so-aside aside - :-) - I noticed quite a strong theme among today's readings. As the end-of-year energies are coming to a head, so are aspects of your life. It isn't your imagination. This is my second sign, and I don't need to wait for a third. A blog post will follow on this subject very soon. Peace.

Potent Energy

It actually started with Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. There was a shift in the energy of those peacefully celebratory holidays that coincided with the human-manifested energy generated by high-gear preparations for Christmas.Combine that with the descent into darkness that ends with the point at which we return to light, the Winter Solstice on December 21, and the human-manifested energy generated by the fresh promise of the fast-coming new year, and there's a whole lot of something going on.

Change Isn't a Four-Letter Word

That something can either feel like wind beneath our wings, or a tailspin, and that's because of all the changes it evokes - or provokes.It's all in how you look at it, for the most part.Some changes will be welcome, while others will feel like you've been thrown under the bus. No doubt, change - good and not so good - is challenging.Chances are, more often than not, the change may be needed to birth the next, hopefully great (if not purely necessary), thing.

What to Do About It

As trite as "go with the flow" may sound, it applies. You can make attempts to stop the changes, but, more than likely, those attempts will be in vain.Ask yourself, if that's your bent, "Why do I feel the need to stop this?"Consider what it is that's so disturbing about what's changing. Is it just change itself? Check in with yourself before you apply the brakes and lose exhilarating momentum.For those changes that are in the small percentile of completely unwelcome, unnecessary, and unhelpful, I pray you are able to make peace with them at some point.Your next scene - or, perhaps, act - awaits. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

What's Your Take?

Have you noticed the shift in energy? What's happening with you around it? Are you going with the flow, coping, or swimming against the tide?If you feel the need for deeper insight into what's happening, an email reading may do the trick.

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