Braving the Ocean: Spiritual Evolution

Braving the ocean... That phrase brings to mind walking into the surf. At first, the water barely teases the feet; a little further and the ankles are covered, then knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest. By the time I'm shoulder deep in the Atlantic, I'm surely floating due to the buoyancy of the salt water. And I'm most likely terrified there'll be a Great White somewhere beneath the surface, eyeing me for its next meal.This post isn't about my terror of Great Whites, though. It's about spiritual evolution, and it's the third in a series begun back in October. It will be helpful to read part one ("Expect the Unexpected") and part two ("Pregnant Pause"), first.Braving the Ocean: Spiritual Evolution ~ Part three of this series. ~ Intuitive Ellen

Braving the Ocean

The thing about braving the ocean is, we're largely braving the unknown. The ocean isn't like a lake, where you can probably see clear to the bottom even if that bottom lies 20 feet below the surface. In the ocean - at least, in the North Atlantic Ocean - it's unlikely you'll see the ocean floor once you're past the six- or eight-foot mark; maybe less.It was the unknown I faced on July 14, 2015, when I took that pregnancy test. Little did I know, climbing the stairs to the angel room in the aftermath, the unknown would make a return appearance. I mean, it was an energy-healing exchange. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary about it, beyond the presence of a third person. By any sort of measurement, it would seem an innocuous event. (Then again, there's always the unexpected.)Michele brought a whole lot of Gaia energy with her, which precipitated Shamanic techniques used within the healing space. Tina took to the table first, followed by Michele. The energy released and moved was tangible and deep and even ancient in origin at times. My experience on the table was similar, until I sat up when Tina and Michele concluded their work on me.

Open the Doors and See All the People

If you ever attended catechism classes or some other type of Sunday school class, you might remember this:

Here's the church and here's the steepleOpen the doors and see all the people

The rhyme accompanied simple hand movements. (Child friendly, although questionably adult friendly, depending on age and dexterity. ๐Ÿ˜‰)When I sat up from my lying-down position on the massage table, at the conclusion of our healing exchange, I was wholly activated. By wholly activated, I mean all the energies within me moved and flowed.We - Tina, Michele and I - observed my hands come together in prayer formation. From there, my fingers interwove until only my lowest knuckles showed. Next, my hands conducted the "Open the doors and see all the people" portion of the childhood church-school movement, which exposed my interwoven fingers.Simultaneously, I felt my body's physicality shift. I felt doubled in size horizontally, and nearly that vertically. It was the oddest and coolest experience to feel it. My hands separated and then came together in prayer hands between my heart and solar plexus chakras. Then I felt a stirring up through my throat and into my mouth.I was braving the ocean.

Buddha Spoke First

The voice was deep and masculine and powerful. It filled the space with no effort on my part. "Buddha," it announced.My head swiveled to appraise Michele, then Tina. I felt solemn and yet deeply peaceful, and also extraordinarily grounded. My eyes closed and the physicality shift began again.I can describe the sensation as descending, then ascending - much like an elevator. In this case, the Buddha energy lowered back into the region of my solar plexus and the next energy rose.The second energy felt distinctly feminine and extremely petite; dainty. My back straightened, and yet I felt shrunk down several sizes smaller. My legs crossed at the ankle, my head tilted slightly and the expression on my face brightened. My hands moved to form prayer hands in front of my heart chakra, and then reformed into what I know now as the Yoni mudra.I recognized the energy as that which powered the "dance breaks" mentioned in my last spiritual evolution post. The appraisal of Tina and Michele repeated."Kwan Yin." The voice, higher than my own, reflected the femininity and daintiness of the energy it birthed from. I felt peaceful and hopeful and joyful all at once.The energy shifted again. This time, it seemed a longer process, and I understood why when it settled into place. It was another masculine energy, narrower than that of Buddha, and yet somehow bigger, even so. My hands came together in prayer formation before my heart center. I felt the common thread of peacefulness swell within, along with another emotion I couldn't yet define. The appraisal again, followed by a single word:"Jesus."

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

That other emotion was love, and yet love as I hadn't ever experienced it. It felt as though it filled me and the angel room and the entirety of Tina's house and property, and beyond that to all of Earth. In that moment as I experienced it, everything was love.Tina, bless her, appeared a little in shock. Michele, bless her, appeared greatly curious and yet unruffled. Me... I felt only what my inhabitant energies felt.My eyes traced back to Tina, and emotion flooded through me. My right arm extended toward Tina, the palm of my hand facing upward. If she'd been closer, I feel my hand would have touched her face."Mother."I'm fairly certain there was a collective moment of no breathing as the implications of that word sent goosebumps racing up and down my spine. My eyes filled with tears. Tina's eyes filled with tears."Thank you."Jesus' simple words of gratitude were more rich, compelling and profound than any two words I'd ever uttered. I know there was more, and yet it's unclear what that was. From my perspective, it was all more.

Braving the Ocean, Redefined

Jesus' energy receded into the depths of my chakra system and I felt the entirety of my faculties again.Tina observed, and Michele confirmed, during the display of energy, a golden yellow glow all around me. She said it reminded her of watching Esther Hicks channel Abraham - something I've yet to observe. My spirit guides steer me away from watching Esther's videos.

We do not wish Ellen to draw any comparisons, for there are no comparisons to draw.

That makes sense. My ego would surely find fault with me in that comparison.The unknown, for me, was most definitely redefined through that experience.And, so, the door was opened. To be continued.

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