Blushing and Giggling

The starting point of my dream was the middle of a leg of The Amazing Race - you know that TV show, right?  Just in case, the gist of the show is, ten or twelve couples (spouses, family, friends, teammates, etc.) are in a race around the globe (literally), and at each destination, they must complete tasks to exact specifications, and as quickly as possible, in order to receive the clue leading them to their next pit stop in time to move on to the next leg of the race.  I love it, even though I don't think I'd want to participate in it.  It's extremely physical, and looks to be incredibly draining, no matter how fit you are.  Now you know.

Okay, moving on.

As I said, the starting point of my dream was the middle of a leg of The Amazing Race.  My partner was Curtis Stone!


Yeah, I know:  YUM!!  And I'm not just talking about the peaches he's working with in the picture, which may or may not become ironic to you, as they did to me.  ;-)

So, Curtis, with slightly longer and remarkably soft, curly hair (think curly like Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon, but not that long and bushy), and I were running madly down a sidewalk in some foreign city, past a herd of cows, one of which tried to lick my face.  Eeew!  We made it to the pit stop in time to be moved forward to the next leg of the race, and were given our hotel room assignment so we could get a few hours of sleep.

Turns out, we were sleeping together - as in, in the same bed.  Now, let me tell you, Curtis is in a committed relationship, and has at least one child.  Fooling around with a guy who's in a committed relationship is not an option for me.  Fooling around was also not an option for me, because I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep.  I crawled into my side of the bed, pulled up the covers, and was out like a light.

I was woken up by the feel of a man's body against my left hip (I was on the right side of the bed; Curtis was on the left) - well, half woken up, as I had been so deeply asleep, I felt anesthetized.  The next thing I felt was my right hand, which had been resting on my belly, being taken in a much bigger, stronger hand, and pulled toward the body attached to that hand.  All of the sudden, my head was on Curtis' right shoulder, with the front of my body against the right side of his body; his left hand was toying (massaging, etc.) with my right hand, while his right hand was on the middle of my back, holding me against him.

Oh, good Lord.  My eyes were still closed, and I couldn't seem to open them.  Frankly, I didn't want to.  I was warm, I was comfortable, I was getting a little - um - aroused.  Why would I want to open my eyes and fully wake up, I ask you???  I'm not an idiot!  :-)

Without warning, Curtis got up and went - I think - to the bathroom, while I stayed on my left side, cuddled under the blankets, and quickly heading back to sleep.  That's when I felt Curtis' hands on my feet, under the blankets.  He must have loosened the covers from the end of the bed to slip his hands underneath.  He gave me the best, although too short, foot message while I lay there in a useless, disturbingly pliable puddle of womanhood.

Next, I felt his big, warm hands on my back, which had somehow become exposed - not just from the blankets, but from whatever I was wearing.  They were working from the base of my spine, up the length of it - so, so, so slowly and deliberately - until they reached my neck, at which point Curtis worked some magic on that sensitive spot where the base of the skull meets the top of the neck that made me moan, or purr, or both, and--

I woke myself up!!  Yes, I did.  I woke myself up, because I knew that if he had turned me over, I would have been his for the taking.  I don't regret it, and I've been blushing and giggling like a freaking schoolgirl ever since I got up this morning, and I've been doing more of the same as I've been writing this post.

Thank you, Curtis.  I pray to God I never meet you in person.

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