Between Worlds: Second Card for the New Energies

If you read this week’s guidance message, you’ll know it’s suggested we draw a daily card specific to the message to help glean all we can from it. My first personal draw for the week was Imagine.Here’s the card I drew for me today, and its message for my work’s evolution:Between Worlds: Second Card for the New EnergiesBetween Worlds ~ Card from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

We wish for you to be noticing the transition from what was to what is. We see we wish for you to be noticing how the new energies impact the human body and the human mind.

We see the human body is needing sustenance beyond reasoning to acclimate to the new energies. We see the human mind wishes to grapple with the new energies.

We see we wish for you to be in keeping with the body's hunger and thirst. We see we wish for you to be in managing the mind through meditation.

We notice there is a new work which will wish to come through you. We see this new work will benefit many women and we see the new work will open many doors.

We wish for we to be in receiving the women who now are needing to be assessing their true purpose and their heart's voice. We see this is in part the work to which we refer and yet we see the work is much broader and more intricate.

I hear Rosie O'Donnell's character from Sleepless in Seattle in my head: "They're like little clues!"That they are, these messages in this instance: clues. Although "little" is probably an extreme understatement.Once again I'm shown an image, and the image appears to be some type of... door? A round door. It's windowless and heavy. It appears gray, and I'd describe it as lifeless in tone. The door, I'm sure, is meant to be opened.And now I'm understanding there's a vault-like quality to what's behind this door. What's in the vault? A treasure of some sort? Ohhh... "Wisdom."Wisdom is definitely a treasure.While I feel resonance with the channeled message above, there's a voluminous quality to it that isn't matched by what it's holding.The wisdom behind the round door will fill that vacancy, and perhaps make more clear what the "new work" is. And the proper food and drink will fill the needs of my body to balance the demands of these high energies.When I add today's message to the equation begun yesterday, I note the double dose of the essence of holding; first the Big Dipper, and now the vault.There's much more to come in this beautiful unfolding.Blessings be.

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