Being a Medical Intuitive

Being a Medical Intuitive


Being a medical intuitive is comparable to being a "regular" intuitive. As a "regular" intuitive, we envision, feel and interpret people's overall energy and life situations. In this instance, we envision, feel and interpret people's bodies.

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I wrote before about reading people's energy fields and energy bodies. It's a great post to start with, as it provides a primer on envisioning that supports this area of intuitive work. It also talks about the importance of permission when reading people in this and any other energetic way.

What is a medical intuitive?

Short answer: Someone who intuitively perceives dis-ease in the human body and interprets it for possible treatment and resolution.

Longer answer: Someone who uses one or more of the intuitive senses - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustance, clairalience and claircognizance - for reading the physical body. Through the reading, they may identify perceived areas of dis-ease (disharmony) within the body. Furthermore, they may receive and share spiritual guidance about how the dis-ease may be treated and/or resolved.

Caroline Myss is well-known and highly respected in this field, although she may no longer practice it. Anthony Williams, known as the Medical Medium, identifies himself as Earth's resident expert (my words) in this field.


Caroline helped me when I first experienced medical intuition in 2012/2013. Hearing her conduct readings via Hay House Radio around 2009/2010 gave me some context for what I experienced during an otherwise rather typical Reiki session in 2012.

As we neared the end of the session, my hands rested softly on my client's abdomen. Into my consciousness streamed several points specifically related to my client's physical health. And the points included vitamin deficiencies, lack of proper hydration, and foods that would support a goal my client set.

  • I heard (clairaudience) the names of the vitamins.
  • I felt (clairsentience) the sensation of water in my mouth.
  • I tasted (clairgustance) the foods they apparently needed, or needed more of.

It was completely unexpected. I didn't seek the information. It simply came to me for my client's benefit. Little did I know it was my initiation for that aspect of my energy and intuitive work. In effect, using a restaurant/retail term, I could label it a soft opening.

The next step

I don't recall why (or when) I first envisioned a client's energy body for medical purposes. For certain, the activity came from need, since that's how most of my intuitive capacities first make themselves known. I do recall how cool it was seeing the human body in such a way. It's still cool.

That first vision and subsequent visions share similarities. First, I notice the entirety of the form. In a way, it's as though looking at a chalk outline. Then, that outline gains definition and depth and transforms into a 3-D visualization. The rendering enables viewing it from all sides, as well as from above and below.

Once the "big picture" is clear, the important details - the reasons for the reading - present themselves. The details only present visually at first. And then, as I delve deeper through communicating with the client, more information arises through other senses.

Seeing red, yellow, green...

Visualizing is the first line of information. It provides immediate feedback for what may require attention. And it also makes clear what may have presented itself as a concern and yet appears to be in the all-clear.

The way I see things through this modality reflects the messaging of a stoplight:

  • Green equals "go," a.k.a. the all-clear; move along. This color typically shows up only when doubt exists about something seen or felt.
  • Yellow equals "caution," a.k.a. slow down and look carefully. This is the color I see most frequently. It associates with inflammation, temporary discomforts (stomach upset or headaches, for example), and areas of concern that we might identify as chronic and yet not life-threatening.
  • Red equals "stop," a.k.a. all focus here; attention needed. Thankfully, this color is nearly as rare in appearance as the one highlighted below. When I see it, however, all spidey senses heighten because something is definitely amiss and likely requires medical treatment.

...and orange

On occasion, I see orange. If we consider the implications of yellow and red, we might interpret orange as something between the two. It may signify something "progressive" in nature, in the sense that it may progress into something more serious. For me, I take it as a sign that the area presenting with this color needs attention now. Whatever the attention may look like hopefully prevents the area from reaching the red zone.

...and black

On very rare occasion, I see black. As I considered how I might explain this color, I heard "off the charts." That's one way of putting it. Only in two instances have I seen black when reading a person's body.

In the first instance, it associated with a massive infection in the lower left quadrant of a person's torso. And while I conveyed this accurately to people with the power to provide treatment, it was too late. The person ignored overt symptoms for months before speaking up about them and ended up dying.

In the second instance, it associated with a cancerous mass of the malignant variety with indications of metastasis. The metastasis presented itself as black tendrils threading out in a couple directions, leading to other black-presenting areas. Turns out, the areas were already known to the person and under treatment. Several years later, that person thrives even with cancer inside them.

Of course, there's more to interpreting a medical intuitive reading than just what we see.

Feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling...

Engaging as many of the clair senses as we allow ourselves access to provides multiple layers of meaning for what we see. While clairvoyance is great, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustance and clairalience offer a whole lot, too.

Imagine an apple on a counter, waiting for you. Appreciate its beautiful color, be it red, green or yellow. Now, go deeper. Imagine picking the apple up and feeling its weight and its smooth skin. And now, imagine biting the apple. Hear the satisfying crunch and get a first whiff of its unique fruitiness. Then, feel the texture and juiciness of it. Next, taste its flavor.

That multifaceted experience with all the senses offers so much more information than just looking at the apple. We now know if it's sweet or tart; if it's crispy or mealy; if it's fragrant or not so fragrant. We might even identify its type, if that wasn't made clear by just looking at it. And we surely now know if we ever want another of its type or not.

Through the other clair senses, we access the energy that exists beyond the visual, deepening the exploration at hand. And so we engage with the opportunity to understand, perhaps, the root cause of symptoms.

That engagement benefits both our clients and ourselves, because it brings more information to the surface. And that information then becomes a conversation starter - or continuer - for supporting further clarity.

...and knowing

It sometimes happens with the initial visualization and scan that a knowing enters ahead of any true investigation. The knowing makes clear the main cause of any dis-ease. For me, that knowing - claircognizance - manifests as a whole-energy experience. I feel it with every fiber of my being - both human and energetic. And while I share what I deeply know with my client, I proceed with the reading as planned.

Why? Because in all likelihood there is more to know; more to learn; more to see, hear, feel, taste and smell. As deeply as that knowing presents itself, chances are extremely high it represents only a portion of the iceberg.

Interpreting a medical intuitive reading

Recently, someone typed in the search bar on my site, "medical intuitive seeing red lines." Without knowing the location of those lines, I can only offer what comes up intuitively based solely on the energy from the inquiry. Two things come up:

  1. Feeling of infection, possibly related to blood (make that probably, since I now taste blood) and feeling a foot involvement (left?). Also, seeing a long red line tracing upward - leg-long.
  2. I hear "bloodlines," and not of the ancestral variety (although genetics may foster the concern). This feels specific to the arteries; possibility of clotting-related issues.

Are the two related? I get a "yes" on that, and yet understand that two separate concerns exist. And unpacking the first insight from a very practical perspective, consider that infection travels via blood. In fact, we might see an actual red line beneath our skin indicating an infection traveling from its origin.

A big caveat on this interpretation: It comes in a third-person way. Since I didn't read the person who presented with the red lines, my insights draw from the energy associated with the submitter of the search term. They draw from what that person observed, rather than directly from the subject. Not the best method for an accurate reading which would take into account all other presenting factors.

Intuitive senses used

For the interpretation above, in order of appearance, I used:

  • Clairsentience: feeling of infection; feeling a foot ~ What does infection feel like? Hot, uncomfortable, out of place. And by "feeling a foot," I felt for a moment as though I had one foot rather than two so that I would take notice.
  • Clairvoyance: seeing a red line ~ That long red line I saw, and the length of it suggesting a leg.
  • Clairaudience: hearing "bloodlines" ~ Even though I listed this as second, it initially came up because I posed a question to my guides about the red lines seen by the querent. I wondered if they might indicate meridians. "Bloodlines" cleared that up.
  • Clairgustance: tasting blood ~ It truly was as though that tinny sharp taste came from within my mouth. As though I bit my inner lip and drew blood. (For the record, I didn't.)

Intuitive yes and intuitive no

I also brought my intuitive yes and intuitive no to the interpretation table. When in question about something on the fly, so to speak, I pay attention to those body-generated divination sensations for clarity.

For example: With the foot aspect, I paused briefly mid-interpretation even though I clearly felt as though I momentarily had only one foot. I tuned into my body for a yes or no about a foot involvement, felt a yes, and moved on.

Be careful

Practicing as a medical intuitive requires particular care, especially if you aren't a certified and practicing medical doctor. We must take great care that we offer a clear disclaimer to that effect. In addition, we must understand for ourselves and state clearly for our clients that we don't/can't offer diagnosis, prescription or prognosis.

No diagnosis, prescription or prognosis

While we may share everything we observe intuitively with our clients, including what we interpret as possible/probable cause, it isn't a diagnosis.

And while we may also share any intuitive/spiritual nudges around potential treatment/resolution, whether allopathic or holistic, it isn't a prescription.

And finally, while we may clearly see/hear/know a timeline for healing (however the healing may manifest itself) and share it with our clients, it isn't a prognosis.

What we offer in support of our clients comes purely from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective for their personal potential and benefit. And so we must insist - and put in writing in our publicly-available policies, to which they must agree - that they receive it as such.

When medical-related subjects arise in a session, I state, "Please remember I'm a holistic wellness practitioner, not a doctor." And if anything comes up that's concerning, perhaps accompanied by a suggested form of treatment, I state, "Please check with your personal physician (or dentist, or ophthalmologist, or gynecologist, etc.) as soon as possible."

As certain as we may feel about our findings and interpretations, we must never play doctor.

Finding your way as a medical intuitive

Please understand that all of this comes from my own personal and professional experience. While I don't specifically offer myself up as a medical intuitive, it happens with some regularity that a client requests a reading of that sort within a session.

Whether you choose a public shingle-hanging specific to this modality or it shows up on occasion in sessions, it's critical that you find your way; your method; your manner of reading and interpreting.

Yes, you may feel free to start with what I shared here, and yet stay open to your spirit team's guidance so that you develop this skill in the ways that's best for you and your spiritual nature.

Any questions? Comment below.

Blessed be.

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