Be Mindful of Opening Portals

Be Mindful of Opening Portals

"Be mindful of opening portals."How's that for a last-minute call-out from a mom to her curious kids?In a world where psychic and paranormal activity is the norm, and séances and Ouija boards are standard fare, it would be reasonable. Right?How about to your bff who has a penchant for supernatural thrillers?Cue needle scratch on an LP.I know, I know. Psychic and paranormal activity probably can't be called "the norm." Not yet. Wink.Even so, let's start with the whole séance and Ouija board thing first, since it's more obvious in terms of what I'm cautioning about here.Be Mindful of Opening Portals: Prevention Intention for your intuitive toolbox

Séances and Ouija boards and such

Some might propose that séances and Ouija boards are rites of passage. I'm not among them. Personal experience and professional experience have taken me out of that camp permanently.While they may seem innocuous enough in theory, they're anything but in practice.Séances are gatherings with the intent of opening communication with the spirit realms, and Ouija boards are tools that intend to open communication with the spirit realms.I have no problem with everyone opening communication with the spirit realms. In fact, I'd love for that to be the case, especially knowing it's possible.What I do have a problem with is those who don't have the knowledge or experience that would permit them to understand the importance of taking precautions and making sure the intent is specific to the higher realms; the ancestors and guides and angels.If that intention isn't clear... Well, that allows way too much room for opening a portal to the lower realms; demons and outliers of the human realms.

TV shows, movies, and books and such

And then there are the TV shows and movies and books and video games, etc., that focus on the paranormal and supernatural.While they aren't intent-laden in the manner of seances and Ouija boards, there exists here a very real possibility to open a door best kept closed.This isn't something I necessarily would have thought about on my own. It came up because of an experience with a client last week. In fact, I referred to it in a really oblique way through an Instagram post when I mentioned a "gnarly clearing."

What do these two objects have in common? ... ... ... Healing. The Moon card offers healing through "going dark" as with the new moon, to better Intuit what will serve toward evolution and healing, and bringing them into being. The beautiful pottery bowl, with the word Healing painted inside, was created with healing intent and also has been assigned the task of providing shelter for an incense cone. The bowl and incense provided healing support for a gnarly clearing I engaged in this morning. Grateful for their assistance, and that of a legion of angels and my spirit guides, let me tell you. 💞 #moon #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #newmoon #energyclearing #intuitivereadings #energyhealing #healing #darkmatter #angels #spiritguides

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That clearing, which really was gnarly, was requested by a client who's very careful to protect her space and her own energy. She sages regularly and takes other precautions as she feels guided to.When she contacted me, she didn't tell me anything specific, as is my preference.In communication with her, when I described what I felt and saw and - oddly enough - tasted, this was her reply:

This is eerily similar to a sci-fi show I happen to be watching right now... Seriously. Crazy.

That piqued my interest, and yet I didn't make a connection until I spoke with her a day later, after the gnarly clearing. And the only reason I made the connection is because she proposed the is-it-possible question.When her guides explained that her high interest in the show had created what amounted to a portal that allowed a similar energy, who we learned, had been seeking to stake a claim of sorts, to enter the human realm.It was crazy.The whole clearing was crazy due to the lengths that were required to extinguish the energy, and the realization that such a thing was possible through the way it transpired was crazy.The good thing is, it gave me the opportunity to address how to prevent it from happening again with my client, and to address that same preventive method here.

Prevention Intention

It's very simple, as most of these things are.The "prevention intention" I was guided to offer my client was a door, closed and locked, against anything and everything beyond your ancestors, your guides, the angels, and the ascended masters.As I typed that, I saw the door again and noticed it seems to be glowing white, including between the door and the frame.What the door looks like, style-wise, doesn't matter a bit. Whatever floats your boat.The only "requirement" I suggest: no windows in it. Make it opaque wood or metal or whatever you prefer. I'll leave you to intuit why that will be for the best.About the intention: There are two "when" moments to consider.The first "when" involves a choice to participate in a séance or engage with a Ouija board.The second "when" is anytime you find yourself engaged with some form of media - TV, movie, book, game - that features demons and other entities considered undesirable from a human perspective.That means having the awareness - being in tune with your intuition and/or guides enough - to know the intention will be best employed.And it could be that the prevention is set in place before watching the show or movie, or before reading the book or playing the game.That means every time, by the way. Safety first.Once again, the intention is to envision a door, closed and locked, between you and anything other than your ancestors, your guides, the angels and the ascended masters.I hope this makes sense, and that you'll find this tool a worthy addition to your intuitive toolbox.Please let me know in comments if you have any questions. Blessings be. 💞

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