Automatic Writing: Intuitive Memory

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. It's channeled writing, basically. I remember attempting it in my early 20s after reading a book on ESP that referenced it. The results were rather dismal, and I suspect that's because I tried forcing it. At that point in my life, the concept of surrender such as channeling requires existed far outside my understanding.

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So, I created a video showing myself practicing automatic writing, just below. The video transcript follows it, and then I added additional insights on the topic.

Automatic writing video


Note: Italicized text is channeled, whether through writing or speaking.

"This is take two for this video. Let's see how this goes. What I'm going to - Okay... I'll write, and then I'll explain what I'm doing here... Geez... (chuckle) Oh, my writing is horrible. (laugh) ... Somebody just touched my left hand. I think my guides are amused. (laugh)

"So... 'My intent is to show the difference between how I write and how my guides write through me.' So, you saw how I write by that example. I dot my Is and cross my Ts as I go along. And I write pretty fast, usually because I'm just impatient to get out what needs to get out. That's - That's how I roll. That's the fact. So, now I'm going to let my guides take over. Oh boy. Here we go.

"So... See, now we have to dot our Is, cross our Ts. Okay. Sorry that the camera moved the way it did. I'm holding it in my left hand.

"So you can see obviously there are similarities. You know? They are writing through me. So, there is definitely a similarity with the writing. However, they're far more intentional and patient than I am, which is why it's such a prettier handwriting. (giggle)

"Notice the message: 'We wish you will use the automatic writing for an opening unto the channeling.' That's not unlike what they wrote in my rejected video. (laugh) Rejected because of - It was just too sloppy and wrong. But anyway...

"See what they wrote earlier? 'We see automatic writing energizes an intuitive memory. The ellen is correct. Opening unto the automatic writing creates space for channeling.'

"What I had said, because they wrote 'intuitive memory,' and I felt like it was an intuitive muscle. And they're basically saying - said - it was the same thing.

"So, the thing about automatic writing that I have found - that I found - is the more I did it, the more open I became to channeling through my body. And with that, through my mouth.

"'This is how Ellen became adept at permitting we access, that we may speak with her body.' Yeah. Truly, that's how it happened. I wrote just pages and pages and pages - two notebooks worth of pages - of channeled writing before it got to a point where it was quite an easy transition from the writing to the speaking. And...

"'This is something we notice anyone is capable of; everyone is capable of. If you wish for a channeling in the way Ellen channels, begin with automatic writing.'

"Yeah. So, one thing - Yup. I knew this was coming, because I don't feel they're going to add anything writing-wise, is our sign-off. My pen has perhaps... Nope. There it is. I thought it had perhaps lost its ink.

"So, this sweet little symbol here began happening not too long into my initial automatic writing experience. Each time we finished a session, this would be the final bit that came through. And that's how I knew we were done. That's why my business logo is what it is. If you look at my business logo, you'll see it's the heart over the infinity symbol. And it's because it was channeled. And it was channeled every time I wrote, after a fashion.

"So, there we go. There's our example of automatic writing."

Additional insights

I told a client not too long ago that when I practice channeled writing I notice my muscles feel unused. I mean, it feels as though my hand and arm muscles remain inactive, even though they must engage for the act of writing. The sensation of the muscles engaging feels noticeably absent when I practice channeled writing.

Please know that while I experience it that way, it may not feel that way for everyone. Refrain from comparing my experience with your own, and expecting a similar or identical experience. That way, you open yourself for receiving the experience most ideal for you.

The commonality comes through surrendering ourselves for channeling. Through surrendering, we absolve ourselves of expectation and control. We accept the practice as it's offered, with openness and curiosity, and maybe even some awe.

Something I highly recommend, if you choose this practice: Designate a specific notebook or journal just for automatic writing - at least when you first begin. That intention helps set the tone for you in advance of a writing session. Holding channeled writing as a sacred practice invites a deeper conversation with your guides and ancestors. I hope that makes sense.

:: Have you attempted or will you attempt automatic writing?
:: How might it benefit your relationship with your guides and ancestors?

Blessed be.

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