Assign Breath to the Ego

Daily card and channeled message: Queen of Swords from Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba.

“Assign a way of great breath to a work of great ego. The ego assigns a fear of the truth. The breath eases the fear.

"Ease reasoning with the passing year. You dearest wish to resolve energy of 2017. So assign the breath to the undertaking and free all energy to receive 2018.”

Well, I know what this means for me, and if you’re at all like me, you may experience a similar knowing. I’m vibrating to the extreme with the closing energy of 2017 and the opening energy of 2018. Feeling I’m standing on a precipice, and wind is howling around me.

That’s at least in part because I don’t yet feel complete in releasing 2017; in Closing the Book on 2017. And time is ticking. The year-glass is nearly empty.

I am ready to finish the energy work for releasing 2017, and need to settle down; to take a breath and gently dismantle and relinquish what needs it. It will get done. (I am, after all the Queen of Swords.)

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Collective Energy Reading for 2018