Ascension Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Ascension Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

"Ascension essential oil blend." Months ago, someone searched for an essential oil diffuser blend that would promote and/or otherwise benefit the ascension process. I sent myself a voice memo to do that, and just listened to the memo over the past weekend.

Oops. My apologies.

Ascension essential oil diffuser blend lead-in image.

Ascension = Awakening = Remembering

Ascension describes the process of awakening from spiritual amnesia. It's spiritual amnesia that prevents us from accepting and using the intuitive soul abilities we arrive with here in the human realm.

Those abilities are our birthright, yet most of us forget them by the time we're five or six years old. Unless adults make a concerted effort in support of children using the abilities they demonstrate, they fade from their knowing.

The good news is, all isn't lost. We can reclaim our abilities through the ascension process, which means awakening to our soul energy, which means remembering.

We're In Prime Time

The current time frame strongly supports our collective awakening from spiritual slumber. Through that awakening, the remembering rises and brings our intuitive healing abilities with it. As we awaken and remember, we "ascend" in the way of raising our vibration and that of Earth.

We can view some of the abilities available to us on prime time TV. Through programming such as "Hollywood Medium," "Long Island Medium" and the recent gem 'The Healer," spiritual abilities become more mainstream. (I'll write a post specific to "The Healer" in the new year, because a lot has come up for me - for us - through watching it.)

This is important, because it's a necessary part of the process of resolving any stigma regarding such abilities.

Ascension Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Hopefully, you'll understand better why we need an ascension essential oil diffuser blend at this time. Its energetic synergy supports more awakening and remembering, which means more vibration raising.

Here's the shareable graphic of the ascension essential oil blend (text version below):

Ascension Essential Oil Diffuser Blend ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ #essentialoils #diffuserrecipe

As with all blends I channel, the essential oils are offered in the order meant for dispensing. The order is purely for energetic reasons.

Text version:

♥ 3 drops frankincense essential oil
♥ 1 drop elemi essential oil
♥ 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil
♥ 1 drop balsam fir essential oil
♥ 1 drop patchouli essential oil
♥ 1 drop orange essential oil

Blessings be.

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