Are Lightworkers and Incarnated Angels the Same?

I wrote a post several years ago about Earth angels and lightworkers. It's still one of the most popular posts on my site. And yet, while Earth angels are incarnated angels, this question (submitted via my site's search engine) feels as though it needs its own post for answering. There seems to be a deeper question within the posed question.

Are Lightworkers and Incarnated Angels the Same? ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ The Soul Ways ~ #lightworkers #incarnatedangels #earthangels #lifepurpose #incarnations #thesoulways

If I answered this question with no insight (or channeling), the answer would be, "Yes and no." And that would probably frustrate and confound the querent. I know it would frustrate and confound me. So, both insight and channeling (with quotes and in italics) are on tap for an in-depth answer.

Are lightworkers and incarnated angels the same?

Yes... "They are the same because they are light; of the light, by the light, for the light. They came to Earth to create harmony and make peace. They engage with healing and with love. And they represent the highest and best for all. They wish for an awakening of consciousness and they support their peers in their awakening."

And no... "The lightworkers are more suited to an overall awakening, working with many different facets of the areas of lightwork. They pursue healing for everyone and everything. The incarnated angels are here to specifically work toward and with a particular healing aspect."

As an example, the Earth angel is here for Earth, and so primarily focuses on that which is related to Earth's health. "For some it may be the oceans, for others the air, for others the geology." Their concern for those Earth elements includes the inhabitants of those elements. "While they may engage with other aspects of lightwork, Earth angels focus upon Earth."

Diving deeper...

"Incarnated angels bring with them a higher purpose for healing and sanctuary. They represent those angels whose mission is needing engagement at the human level, in the human way."

The term "boots on the ground" works here, although "wings on the ground" is perhaps more appropriate.

"Incarnated angels are warriors without weaponry. They are warriors for healing, and they work within their powers of angelic origin. Their angelic origin requires of them an engagement with all capacities of the soul ways."

Oh... That's a juicy tidbit. It reflects upon a recent conversation with a client (and fellow incarnated angel) about a desire to try "all the things" when it comes to energetic healing modalities and measures. That's something I deeply resonate with. Thing is, it might seem that we're thrashing about trying this and that. It might seem that we can't "settle" on one or two modalities; can't decide or determine our area of focus.

"...engagement with all capacities of the soul ways."

That last channeled sentence indicates that isn't the case. We aren't thrashing about. We are - by origin and agreement - a "Jack of all trades". And rather than being a "master of none," which usually comes next, we're a master of all. That's what we do. That's who we are. And... Wow. That's heartening to hear.

The soul ways I use regularly with a level of mastery include:

~all the clair senses,
~full-body channeling,
~energy healing,
~soul transcribing,
~soul transitioning,
~interdimensional communication,
~Earth communicating (Earth angel here), and
~energy transmuting.

Now my widely varied (wildly varied?) esoteric healing interests make sense. And as for the mastery part, one of my favorite things about these soul ways is their room for improvement and development. They're always evolving, which is awesome. There's no pinnacle of mastery. (It's 12:11, my clock tells me. Lovely nod from Spirit.)

The importance of our sameness

Whether we're classified as a lightworker or an incarnated angel truly doesn't matter. One is not more special than the other. When we boil it down, we all came - volunteered - for the betterment of Earth and her inhabitants. Therein lies the most important part.

And so, is it any wonder that the most important part is a reflection of our divine sameness: our oneness? Not from my perspective. May we uphold a similar view.

Blessed be.

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