Angel Numbers Meanings (In Brief)

November 10, 2015: This post, mostly via its original image, has been attracting so much attention recently that I felt it was time to update the image and refresh the meanings as I'm guided to understand them now. Enjoy.

What are angel numbers? They're most often associated with triple digits. From 000 to 999, when these numbers start showing up, your angels are delivering a message to you.

For me, they most often show up on clocks and other digital devices. I also see them on license plates and signs, and sometimes even advertisements.

Sometimes, it feels like a game. Other times, it feels like there's a point being made. In either case, seeing these angel numbers always brings a measure of comfort. After all, they're from my angels.

Let's explore their meanings.

Angel Numbers and Their Meanings, In Brief

Angel Numbers Meanings

000 ~ Oneness; Unity. A process, cycle or transition has come full circle.

111 ~ Beginning; Fresh Start. Your thoughts can be manifested.

222 ~ Duality; Relationship. New ideas will be realized.

333 ~ Universal Truth. The Ascended Masters shower you with love.

444 ~ Angel Realms. Your angels surround you and support you.

555 ~ Transitions; Shifts. Changes are in progress.

666 ~ Harmony; Balance. Bring your thoughts back to the present.

777 ~ Collective Consciousness. You are in alignment with Universal flow.

888 ~ Constancy; Persistence. A process, cycle or transition is moving toward closure.

999 ~ Completion. A process, cycle or transition is concluding.

Don't be surprised, if this happens to be your first experience with angel numbers if you start seeing them. It's a fascinating phenomenon, and it's one that affects more people than you might suppose. I hope you'll take comfort in them, too.

Next week, we'll look at "the elevens" and their meanings.

What's Your Take?

Have you ever seen angel numbers in a repetitive way? Did you know that's what they were, or did you think they were a coincidence?

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