Angel Card Readings

Imagine you're in love; that newly-minted love that colors everything a blush hue, rendering even the least appealing object or person a work of art.Imagine you had just practiced writing your name over and over, as if:

  • as if your monograms already matched
  • as if a formal commitment had already been made
  • as if you were married, for better, for richer, and in health, forever

Now, imagine you hold in your hands a deck of cards. An impulse purchase, and outside your realm of the known and comfortable, these aren't your typical playing cards; they're Tarot cards.You shuffle the deck, just like the accompanying book says, holding a question in your mind; focusing on it; breathing it. When you're ready, you draw the cards that are meant to answer the question.You anxiously peruse the cards, expecting to see that beautiful blush there. Instead, you see the opposite; you see cards that, according to the descriptions in the book, indicate the exact opposite of what you expected, and wanted.

The question: Is he the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and have children with?

The answer, in its multi-layered way: No. Absolutely not.

That was me, and the question was about my then-fiancé. I didn't like that answer; not one little bit. I threw the Tarot cards away, because clearly they didn't "work."Two months later, we broke up for reasons that, even 20 years later, can, on occasion, send chills down my spine.Those Tarot cards were spot-on. I was so glad I'd thrown them away.Fast forward to 2010, when my cousin-in-Reiki, Debbie, (she's my real cousin; we happen to share the experience of becoming Reiki Master Teachers) handed me a box of cards as we sat at her dining table in southern Pennsylvania."You're supposed to have these," she said.They were a box of angel cards, and they were gorgeous. I immediately felt comfortable with them, and fell into shuffling them as we talked.Fast forward another two and one-half years, and I found myself making an impulse purchase: Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot cards. I was drawn to them even more strongly than the angel cards from cousin Debbie.When they arrived, I immediately started to practice with them, and loved them all the more - especially when I discovered how accurate they were, in their beautifully loving and gentle way.I was inspired, one day, to offer up three-card readings via my personal timeline on Facebook. Several people took me up on it. I took questions, drew three cards for each person, and took care to transcribe all the information on each card in the comments on each person's post.The second week I did that, because it was so well-received, and because I enjoyed it so much, a funny thing happened: After transcribing the cards' information, I added a note to one of the "readings." The thing was, I was certain I was "just the messenger."What I'd written made no sense to me at all, and didn't even reflect the cards I'd drawn. However, for the person who received the short note, it made a big impact; "nail on the head," and all that.After several weeks, I finally created a separate Facebook page on which to do the readings, because they were beginning to clog my timeline. Once I did that, people who weren't on my friends' list found me, and I did readings for 30 or so people each week.As the demand grew, and my skills improved, I finally added Angel Card readings as one of my regular services through my business.While I still do {Free} Mini Angel Card Readings via my Facebook page each week, I pull only one card per person, and don't accept questions.I still transcribe each cards' text, and include a message from each person's angels - a message that more often than not has nothing to do with the card that was drawn, although both might be of import to the recipient.I enjoy doing those mini readings, but I much prefer to do full-scale readings. They're very detailed, and the time I spend with the cards allows me to receive a lot more information about the question at hand.The angel messages I transcribe are specific to the question, and I open myself to spiritual insight on the matter, too, to shed more light on it from a different perspective.When it comes to traditional Tarot cards, I don't have the level of comfort I find with the Angel Tarot cards. I have a tiny deck, but only used it once.I finally had a sit-down with Spirit to figure out why that was, and I didn't like the answer; not one little bit.My understanding from that particular Q & A is this: traditional Tarot is aligned with Spirit which, though benevolent always, is baldly (painfully?) truthful. Angel Tarot is aligned with the angel realm which is benevolent always, and gently truthful.Imagine me picturing Jack Nicholson spitting out, "You can't take the truth." Don't imagine I like that revelation.I'll give traditional Tarot a try again. It's possible I haven't found the right deck yet. (There is such a thing. Different practitioners are drawn to different decks.) Meanwhile, I'll stick with my beloved angels.Over to YouHave you ever had a Tarot or Angel card reading? If yes, what was your experience? If no, would you? If no, what stops you?

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