Ancients and Original Witches

Ancients and Original Witches

Ancients and original witches are concepts that rise from time to time, asking for attention. This is true of ancients, in particular. They make relatively frequent "guests" during energy clearings for spaces including lands.

Ancients and Original Witches | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #ancients #originalwitches #thesoulways

Ancients and Original Witches | A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #ancients #originalwitches #thesoulways



For a long time, when ancients arrived as support during energy clearings I chose an assumption. I chose the blanket assumption that they represented the elders of indigenous tribes, fully Earth-rooted. I classified them as products of our accepted evolution. Recently, that assumption and classification received a shake-up.

During an intuitive session, the energy of the ancients received an alternate interpretation. The interpretation arose in conjunction with Easter Island, which holds a decades-long fascination for me. The message we received indicated the ancients associated with Easter Island's mammoth statues, as well as some other sites worldwide, came from another solar system.

That revelation stopped both my client and me in our collective tracks.

Mind you, the notion of offworlders creating homes on Earth continues growing on me. I mean, us believing that we comprise the only "high-functioning" sentient life forms in the universe is absurd and ignorant... and arrogant.

The purpose of the ancients

"The ancients serve the Earth. They source energy from earth, wind, fire, water as a way of energizing the Earth entirely. They are the guardians of Earth."

I love that, both because I feel strongly we need guardians of that sort and because there exists a deep energy of healing from them. And that energy exists solely for Earth herself.

We might say this "goes double" for the offworld-originating ancients.

"Their perspective creates a greater understanding of Earth's importance within the fabric of the multiverse."

In the session I referenced, the offworlders were referred to as observers. In fact, the statues on Easter Island received that attribution. The inference indicates the statues hold the energy of the offworlders. They observe the Earth perpetually.

With such powerful guardians and observers, one might hope our Earth's health - and our actions toward her health - would be better aligned. Not so much, right now.

Original Witches

This concept arose from - of all places - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. A piece of dialogue identified Lilith as the original witch of all witches. I paused the show and asked my guides, "Is there an original witch?" Their response indicated there are multiple original witches. Related question: "Is Lilith an original witch?" Their response: "Yes."

The entirety of that revelation still feels incredibly deep and powerful. Before that, the concept - for me and my knowledge and knowing - didn't exist. Now, I feel it in the depths of my womb, and in my root chakra, and in my heart chakra, too.

According to research and religion, Lilith was Adam's first wife (before Eve) and his equal. She, as with he, was created from clay. Lilith's consorting with demons and a certain archangel led to the creation of Eve from Adam's rib, rendering Adam Eve's master. You know, "love, honor and obey." (Obey... Ugh.)

Setting religion (and creationism, and evolutionism) aside...

Supposing Lilith (and Adam, and Eve) actually existed, she came into being either through human evolution or through "seeding." My guides use the word seeding as an indicator that a person or settlement came from other than Earth, and that fits Lilith (and Adam, and Eve).

What a concept. Right? I mean, it certainly puts our long-held beliefs/non-beliefs into question, at least. And it feels related to my spiritual awakening post, perhaps particularly as it pertains to remembering. Also, for the record, I understand Eve isn't an original witch.

So, the original witches came from somewhere other than Earth. For me, the most intriguing part of that anchors itself in the fact that witches, via witchcraft, revere Earth. We work in service to and alignment with Earth. How intriguing, then, that offworlders were seeded here for that purpose.

"The original witches brought the energy of all light, and the perspective of balance in all endeavors."

In case it helps, as you attempt ingesting that statement, understand that "all light" indicates total balance with all that is - including the dark.

The importance of ancients and original witches

The energies of the ancients and original witches may provide some redemption for Earth; some, not all. The hope and intention around their energies asks that we work in concert with them.

From the perspective of the ancients, perhaps this offers reasoning for the recent unearthing of the bodies of the famous statues on Easter Island. For the longest time, we saw only their faces. Now, we see them in their entirety, fully exposed and powerfully present.

From the perspective of the original witches, perhaps this offers reasoning for the surge of interest in and adherence to the practice of witchcraft. For the longest time, witches hid, for the most part; albeit in plain sight. Now, we see them stepping up and out, also fully exposed and powerfully present.

There arises from this an invitation for all of us: that we also observe, guard and revere Earth. On Earth's behalf, may we accept it.

Blessed be.

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