All Wound Up: What's Happening, Energetically

The new month is upon us, and with it is coming new energies.The energy of retrograde is gone-all-gone, and now the soon-to-be new moon is singing her siren's song.The energy of this new moon (February 8) is all about starting anew; something like hitting the reset button on a stalled modem, or the F5 key to create a hard reboot of a web page.The basic structure and function of what's being started anew hasn't changed, and yet the ways and means of it will adjust; and likely for the better.There's another ripple in this pond of energy, and that's related to the political vibes running rampant. You'd think it would be limited to the U.S., given the Iowa caucus this week and the First in the Nation Primary next week. Not so.The undertow of that energy is being felt around the world, and the energy that it's creating is much like a spring that's being tightened.All Wound Up: What's Happening, EnergeticallyThe thing about tightened springs is, they will eventually find release. That's something we need to be mindful of with this energy field.We either allow the release, and align ourselves with it from our mutual perspectives, or we balk against it, and create a secondary energy field with similar restraints.Those restraints are what we need to be very mindful of. They're the types of restraints that can prohibit us from moving forward toward the increased vibration of our Earth. They're the types of restraints that can slow down the healing of our Earth. They're the types of restraints that can keep us from aligning with our purpose. They're the types of restraints that can prevent us from growing spiritually.No pressure.This week - and next week, too - the best thing we can do is practice releasing the tension of that spring-like energy, and then envision ourselves open and detached from the outcomes of the political agendas which swirl around us.In effect, be the Slinky rather than the spring.It doesn't mean we don't care about the results. It does mean that we uproot old paradigms and remember to hold the highest good of all in our hearts.

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