Age is Irrelevant to Spiritual Awakening

This past Friday, my eyes were opened more fully to the business of spiritual awakening.

I was invited to offer an inspirational message to a group of elders at a nursing home. The opportunity was a sweet and welcome one. It gave me the chance to give back for the spiritual abundance I enjoy, in a deeply meaningful way.

When I arrived at the home, I was greeted by a circle of women in fits of giggles over the clay creations they were making. What a delightful introduction. :-)

I'd prepared for the event, which was very casual and non-religious. The preparations were almost immediately tossed out the window, when the activities director mentioned she'd shared with the women what I do.

"What did you tell them?" I was curious to know, even though I already had a good idea by the way I was being studied.

One of the residents piped up, "She told us you can talk to the other side."

"That's true," I agreed.

I went on to explain how that works, since it was made clear by both the human and spirit realms that the gathering was heading in that direction.

Healing Hand and Angel ~ Allies in my own spiritual awakening.

Looking around the table at each of the residents, and the workers who had now joined us, another question came up. "Is everyone okay with this?"

All but one were quick to say, "Yes." The one who was uncertain admitted she had never experienced anything like it.

When I asked if she was open to the experience, her "yes" made it unanimous.

What was meant to be a 30- to 35-minute inspirational talk turned into a 90-minute mediumship session punctuated by relevant spiritual discussion. It was unexpected and sensational and humbling.

Spiritual Awakening is Ageless

The throughline of the gathering was mostly specific to death and dying: What happens when we die.

One of the spirits who came through for one of the residents did so to share one thing with me: "She's afraid of dying."

The discussion that followed felt really important. I had that "when E.F. Hutton talks" feeling, and it came from both the human and spirit realms.

The big takeaway, when I eventually made my way home, was specific to spiritual awakening. I was talking out loud, expressing my gratitude to the spirits who came through with messages, and to the angels and the masters.

When I finished, the masters delivered their own message: "We feel the women were in need of awakening."

Cue goosebumps. Cue gasp. Cue "Ohhhh..."

It hadn't occurred to me, until that moment, that as I considered my mission to support women through their spiritual awakening, I had been limiting my vision to women from their teens through, perhaps, mid- to late-50s; maybe 60-ish.

For some reason, I didn't recognize the need that exists for the elders in our society. Suffice to say, Friday changed all that.

Spiritual awakening is without age restrictions. Whether 16 or 96, age is irrelevant for spiritual awakening.

I look forward to next month's ageless discussion.

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