Affirmation For Prosperity

Sunday morning, as I sipped my daily cup of coffee and listened with only one ear to Good Morning America, with eyes on the screen before me yet not taking in the colorful images, I was struck with a desire to choose a card (a cosmic pick, if you will) from the box of My Daily Affirmation Cards by Cheryl Richardson on the table beside me.  As much as those cards are within arm's reach for hours at a time every day, I confess that I don't think to utilize them daily.  Note to self.

I put down my coffee cup, grabbed the box, opened it and - as I do when I am working with angel cards - shuffled until I was compelled to stop.  For the first time, I was drawn to take the card that had landed at the bottom of the stack, rather than the top.  I  pulled it out and saw the category - Prosperity - printed on the back.  I flipped it over to read this affirmation:  "Abundance flows to me in surprising and miraculous ways."  Perfect.  Of course.

The great thing about cosmic picks is that they are, inevitably, exactly what you need in that moment; and so it was with me.  I'd been thinking about my budget (lack of, really) and how I had never been particularly serious about tracking my spending, instead playing the "I-better-login-to-my-bank's-site-to-see-how-much-money-I-have-in-my-account" game.  I have one account; a checking account.  Past attempts at saving didn't work out.  Ahem.

As I was saying, I'd been thinking about my need and desire to budget; finally felt like it was time to pull up my financial big-girl panties and get real about my fiscal picture.  It was time to enter into a loving relationship with money.

So, for the past seven days, I have been inputting financial data into QuickBooks.  Each day I have been gifted with a new "aha" about how much I've been spending and what I've been spending it on.  I'm not going to beat up on myself for the realization that I could easily have a sizable (for me) savings account, but I am going to do something about that as soon as I'm able to (having an actual paying job will help that endeavor).

"Abundance flows to me in surprising and miraculous ways."  Who knew the rather simple act of familiarizing myself with my budget could be counted as surprising and miraculous?

Do you have a favorite affirmation about abundance, or perhaps a budgeting tip to share?

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