A Love Note from Spirit

It was Monday morning when I received the "notification" from Spirit that this love note was coming. It was a notification that caused me to smile from the heart. Such sweetness. This love note from Spirit is for you and for all of us, for now and forever. Perhaps it will birth in you a smile from the heart, too.

A Love Note from Spirit ~ A message from Spirit, channeled through Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ #channeledmessage #lovenote #messagefromspirit #Spirit

"Dear one,

"Observe yourself as we observe you. Witness yourself as we witness you. Embrace yourself as we embrace you. Love yourself as we love you.

"You are a treasure. You are a blessed creation of the universe; an embodied soul. This embodiment is temporary, and yet its potential is limitless.

"The ways of the embodied soul are the ways of the spirit, the ways of the heart, the ways of love. These are the ways in which you are centered, calmed, protected, revered.

"The ways of the spirit are the enrichment of the one you are, the one you have been, and the one you will be. These are the ways in which you are endless in your incarnations, in any form, in any field.

"The ways of the spirit engage the oneness, the balance, the powerful energy of the entire universe. These are the ways in which you remember your connection with all that is, all that has been, and all that ever will be.

"Open your eyes and see yourself as we see you, which is as you are in your divine truth. You are a blessed creation of the universe.

"We are in deepest love with you."

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